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  1. BTW L Thank you very much AdvancedSetup !!! and, I reiterate : I willingly submit myself into understanding.your arguments... Best regards iBenny
  2. Hi Hydruis and... WELCOME ! Forgive me those who find this thread of no value but I have to reply to Hydruis by respect and because he asked me to. I have to set the record strait here : For a start, I have to stress that this is not my first forum (I am not a forum newbe here). I must have been through about more than a dozen forums in my life (62yo) and all of the forums I have been through, allow new users to set an avatar from the get go; so to explain my unease caused by the current situation. Like politicians do , I have to say that I have been misunderstood and/or have been quoted out of context : I haven't accused anybody (you in this instance) of being "unfriendly" ! and neither your suggestion of being so. What I meant is that I found a forum setting a post quota (any) to allow setting an avatar somewhat... "unfriendly". You were not targeted by the qualifier and accept my apologies if you felt targeted. It might not be obvious to you but... I ACKed the explanation in post 20 : I'm sure too ! This is a rhetoric figure of style to dilute the harshness of my... "unfriendly" accusation (WOW ! I made a double pronged sentence ) by creating a misdirection with an easily refutable assertion. GOOD for you ! Men of principles have more favor in my eyes ! I know ! and am aware that... UNFORTUNATELY... this is interpreted as such by many ! and I STRONGLY object to that interpretation for I do use those capitals/color enhancements not to... scream or be arrogant as they proclaim but as, like I said, enhancements to stress content and pinpoint contents and make linkings (color). C'm on man !!! being upset by... colors !!!??? I friendlily invite you to reconsider your... perceptions of the world ! You would greatly benefit from it and be happier doing so ! With respect... Learn to trust your feelings and sense the spirit ! NOT. the form... I will not apologize on this one for I too, will not let anyone walk over my... humm ? my... ? my principles No offense ! And don't worry Hydrius, I don't feel that your intervention is unfriendly in any way ! Many thanks Hydruis for joining the discussion ! Best regards iBenny
  3. Thank you... I REALLY understand and... this post have been extracted (by an admin I guess, NOT me) and isolated from a genuine help thread here and yes, I'll send you a PM to do so. Many thanks iBenny
  4. Well, I find this (any) restriction quite... unfriendly ! I don't see ANY reasons for such limitations. Is it to save space on malwarebytes,com server HD ? or to differentiate (discriminate) newcomers from regular users ? The latter IS unjustifiable, and the former... really ? iBenny
  5. Malwarebytes.com webmaster, please explain... iBenny
  6. Well, an explanation is in order here.. iBenny
  7. Nothing... In that case... I rest my case ! BTW Pierre75, your post count under your avatar shows 25... Best regards iBenny
  8. Thanks exile360 for the explanations. Wonder why I don't have that avatar configuration icon !? Hummm... Regards iBenny
  9. Hi hayc59, Thanks for the contribution but... read carefully what exile360 said : What you are pointing at IS... the currently set avatar (unconfigured yet) ! and... btw... it is NOT clickable !!! Regards, iBenny
  10. No little picture there ! http://www.cjoint.com/doc/17_05/GECjwkfqHgr_Avatar.gif iBenny
  11. FAN-TAS-TIC ! I'll have a look at it ... BTW: "...a free standalone" for... 14 days !? Many thanks iBenny PS : how do we set our avatar here ?
  12. That explanes my misconception of the targeted systems. Thanks for the correction... iBenny
  13. Hi Awkward ! The last ransomware attack targetted mostly XP systems... iBenny
  14. Hi. All is in the title ! --------------------------- Error --------------------------- This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Thanks, iBenny XP Pro SP3+
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