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  1. BTW L Thank you very much AdvancedSetup !!! and, I reiterate : I willingly submit myself into understanding.your arguments... Best regards iBenny
  2. Hi Hydruis and... WELCOME ! Forgive me those who find this thread of no value but I have to reply to Hydruis by respect and because he asked me to. I have to set the record strait here : For a start, I have to stress that this is not my first forum (I am not a forum newbe here). I must have been through about more than a dozen forums in my life (62yo) and all of the forums I have been through, allow new users to set an avatar from the get go; so to explain my unease caused by the current situation. Like politicians do , I have to say that I have been misunderstood an
  3. Thank you... I REALLY understand and... this post have been extracted (by an admin I guess, NOT me) and isolated from a genuine help thread here and yes, I'll send you a PM to do so. Many thanks iBenny
  4. Well, I find this (any) restriction quite... unfriendly ! I don't see ANY reasons for such limitations. Is it to save space on malwarebytes,com server HD ? or to differentiate (discriminate) newcomers from regular users ? The latter IS unjustifiable, and the former... really ? iBenny
  5. Malwarebytes.com webmaster, please explain... iBenny
  6. Well, an explanation is in order here.. iBenny
  7. Nothing... In that case... I rest my case ! BTW Pierre75, your post count under your avatar shows 25... Best regards iBenny
  8. Thanks exile360 for the explanations. Wonder why I don't have that avatar configuration icon !? Hummm... Regards iBenny
  9. Hi hayc59, Thanks for the contribution but... read carefully what exile360 said : What you are pointing at IS... the currently set avatar (unconfigured yet) ! and... btw... it is NOT clickable !!! Regards, iBenny
  10. No little picture there ! http://www.cjoint.com/doc/17_05/GECjwkfqHgr_Avatar.gif iBenny
  11. FAN-TAS-TIC ! I'll have a look at it ... BTW: "...a free standalone" for... 14 days !? Many thanks iBenny PS : how do we set our avatar here ?
  12. That explanes my misconception of the targeted systems. Thanks for the correction... iBenny
  13. Hi Awkward ! The last ransomware attack targetted mostly XP systems... iBenny
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