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  1. The solution to this "unable to update" problem is to add the following URL to the firewall DPI-SSL exclude (allow) list: cdn.mwbsys.com I happened to discover this URL when searching the "mbamservice.log" for error events related to the updating process. When troubleshooting Malwarebytes communication errors in these forums, it is typically only sirius.mwbsys.com and keystone.mwbsys.com mentioned as necessary URLs. But there is one more needed to accomplish updates - cdn.mwbsys.com. Everyone on these forums so generously assisting with troubleshooting, as part of your standard response to anyone with "unable to update" issues, please consider addressing the firewall configuration requirements, and mention a list of all URLs necessary for Malwarebytes communications. That would have solved my problem immediately, with no MB-Clean or reinstalls needed. Thanks to all who responded.
  2. My questions were not clear, sorry. Without using the Malwarebytes program, I want to locate a Malwarebytes company link from which I can download the current and correct database update file(s) for Malwarebytes 3.1. If there are multiple files in the download package for various versions of Malwarebytes (1.x, 2.x, 3.x), I need to know which of the download file(s) are the correct one(s) for v3.1. I need to know where/how to install the v3.1 downloaded file(s). After installation, I need to know how to verify that the manual update installation was successful and that Malwarebytes is using the new rules. Related questions come to mind: Do any existing database or other files need to be deleted prior to installing the new update files? Should Malwarebytes be running or closed when doing the manual update? If running is OK, are any settings changes required prior to doing a manual update install? Thanks in advance.
  3. What is the procedure for manually downloading and installing database updates for Malwarebytes 3.1? How can the success/failure of the manual update installation be confirmed?
  4. Thanks for the reply Devin. I did the MB-Clean and reinstall already; that was among the first things tried. My support request of last Tuesday (5/16) explains: "Attempting to fix the problem, I tried the following without success: 1. Install MB over the existing installation of 3.0.6. 2. Uninstall MB 3.0.6, then install 3. Run MB-Clean, then install again. Opening a browser to https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ results in an "OK". I also deleted all database files, attempting to force a full database update, to no effect. Since then, the current install on one PC is a MB-Clean + reinstall, and on the other PC it's a install of over 3.06. in both cases, the result is the same; Both installations fail to update, some protections turn off after a reboot, and both system tray icons have red triangles.
  5. For the licensed version of Malwarebytes, after having the same issues on multiple PCs as reported by others here recently (auto-updates stopping, protections turning off) and having done all the suggested fixes found in this forum to no effect, I submitted a support request by email on May 16 with all the MB-Check and FRST diagnostic files attached. The support response time was four days (on 5/20). Apparently one of the zip uploads became corrupted, and so the support response requested that I resend, which I did the same day, followed by additional files the next day when another installation of Malwarebytes on another PC began malfunctioning the same way. I have not heard anything back yet. The Malwarebytes icons in the system trays continue to display a red triangle, and frequent orange pop-up notifications continue to report the problem status. The support case number is 1341582. Are these lengthy four-day support response times normal?
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