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  1. Thanks for that and all your help. I am sure the issue will be sorted eventually.
  2. Just rebooted and first thing I ran was Chrome and it froze again. Message pops up that Windows has crashed and the busy circle appears when I try to click on anything. I've turned off Web Protection again as I need to use my computer. Chrome freezes of course and hangs when trying to load a page. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Cheers ran the checks with google sync off and nothing detected.
  4. Sadly following the above suggestions it failed again as soon as I loaded Chrome after getting home from work today and turning on the computer. It seems to be an intermittent thing though as I spent a good 4 hours last night running Chrome with Malwarebytes fully enabled after the above fixes and it was working great. So once again I have disabled Web Protection and see if I can get it to fail again. I will let you know. Is it possible for you to send me a downloaded link for 3.3.1 official release. I would like to have the option to use that again as I know that works fine.
  5. Thanks for that. I have run the FIX as requested and have re-enabled all protections on Malwarebytes and ensured defaults are selected. I will use my computer tonight with Chrome open and see how it progresses. Fixlog.txt
  6. All done. File is attached. mb-check-results.zip
  7. Is there anywhere to download the official release of 3.3.1? I wouldn't mind going back to that as I never had any issues with it.
  8. I am not going to completely write it off just yet. My assumption is many people aren't having these issues otherwise the forums here would be flooded with these reports. I am paid up until August this year so they at least have until then to sort out their issues although hopefully they will fix the problem sooner rather than later.
  9. I've managed to narrow down what is causing the system freeze. I've been able to repeat the issue simply by starting Chrome. So for now I have disabled Web Protection and will continue to monitor and see if it seizes up again. For whatever reason MWB 3.4.4 doesn't like my Chrome v65.
  10. I am using Windows 10 64bit version. Unfortunately since installing 3.4.4 my previously solid computer is now freezing. Basically it occurs about 1 in 3 reboots of the PC and is a progressive freeze. So first I can't click the taskbar, then when when I try to go into Task Manager to force MWB to close it also freezes and I am forced turn the power off on the PC using the on/off switch. This is even before starting Chrome browser. This only started happening since installing the 3.4.4 update. For now I have uninstalled MWB. I have attached MB check. mb-check-results.zip
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