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  1. Thank you for the timely and detailed reply. My clients regularly use netbooks, 2 in 1 tablets, ARM-based machines, Chromebooks, and other low-powered computing devices for which traditional antivirus/anti malware solutions don’t apply. As such, I usually recommend Webroot or just an adblocker, Firefox, and safe browsing habits.
  2. I'm an entry-level IT Professional (CompTiA A+, working on my Network+). I've recommended Malwarebytes + Microsoft Defender to clients for 4 years. But the current pricing on Malwarebytes is absolutely insane. I get the protection it offers is extremely high, but it's priced out of reach of a lot of people I work with. I recommend different antivirus and antimalware solutions depending on what people can afford, and Malwarebytes is quickly falling out of favor.
  3. Hello, brand new forum member here. I just wanted to ask a question that's been bugging me for a while now: Is it possible to exclude an entire category of detections from Malwarebytes Premium? I ask because I use memory-resident programs called 'trainers' that modify the values of a game's RAM to cheat or mod, like infinite health or super jump. Real time protection and scans always classify these as malware and remove them on detection, which is reasonable. But, if I actually want to use these programs I either have to exclude each folder or file manually or exclude the root Downloads folder, which opens my system up by a large margin. So, could I for example, add all 'CheatTool.CETTrainer' or 'Riskware.*' detections to a whitelist and prevent them from being remediated?
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