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  1. Was just about to report the same issue, same range of IP addresses. Then noticed Discord already working without issue again. I am indeed updated to the 1.0.39437 version now, which appears to have fixed it. Thanks guys
  2. Same here, popup showing over and over again all of a sudden. Never had this issue and have had Dropbox for a long time. Can only be stopped by adding a web exclusion to allow this port. Adding exclusion for dropbox.exe does not prevent it from showing possible malicious activity. Malwarebytes log.txt
  3. Malware bytes updates, stages the DB files, inflates DB files, applies delta updates, deflates and copies updated DB files, then fails to finish the update. stuff happens I guess, we're only human and we do make mistakes at times, no hard feelings. Result: empty DBs and failing MBAMCore. MalwareBytes pretty much broken. Lesson learned? A faulty update not fully checked before various changes are being being applied, resulting in not being able to internally revert and undo the damage done by said update. I was patiently awaiting a fix, while checking the forums here. PATIENCE
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