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  1. Agreed. People need to get a grip big time. So many tears spilt over a glitch. I'm mortified at some of the posts here, especially considering it was fixed as soon as they possibly could.
  2. Play on computers? I myself run two businesses, so please don't assume and make sweeping statements. Fact is, it's the whole compensation culture now creeping into online software purely because of a glitch. Pardon me for saying so, but if you were such a good businessman/"person" you'd have an immediate failsafe and alternative.
  3. Compensation? For a buggy update? 6 months? Fkin ell are you for real? What's the bloody matter with people!! It's software that had a glitch in it which was resolved ASAP. And you want compensation to the tune of 6 extra months? A bad day for all of us? Get a grip. Seriously. It's a glitch and it's been fixed. stuff happens. Since when did people feel so damned entitled to so many things. Has to be the American culture. Has to be. Never known an infection like it.
  4. Fair play to you @RubbeR DuckY and the team for working hard to resolve this, on a Saturday night. There's not many out there who would do such a thing so quickly. I know I am grateful and clearly many others are too. Thank you.
  5. Same here and excessive RAM usage. Seems to be playing up ATM.
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