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  1. Same issue 3.5.1. Received a notification of an update. Installed the update and here I am.
  2. Same as IDROW. I received an update today. I installed it and now it keeps telling me that I need to check for updates. But exactly like IDROW above it runs the update check, but does nothing.
  3. Hi: I appreciate your efforts so much. The last time that this happened I spent days fooling around with it and ultimately installed a fresh copy of the OS. So taking the bull by the horns, I just did that again. So my issue is resolved the long way round. Thanks.
  4. Hi Ron: Thanks for attending to this. Note that I am not getting a resource error, at least some visible indicator. It is merely that the malwarebytes does nothing when I try to open it. I have been looking at the bleeping computer website as well and have some additional things to report that hopefully will help here. I did manage to download and execute RKILL after a reboot and it reported nothing found. I downloaded and executed Mini Toolbox and it reported nothing found I downloaded and executed tdsskiller and it reported nothing found I downloaded and executed
  5. I have also just executed RKill which I downloaded from Bleepingcomputer. No issues were found and the log is attached. Interestingly enough when I then went to the next URL in the instructions on bleepingcomputer it caused my system to reboot. Note that when all of this started I removed Firefox and am now using IE. Rkill.txt
  6. Hello. Please note that in my description I indicated that none of the suggested programs will execute. When I try to open Malwarebytes from the tray, nothing happens. Therefore I cannot scan my system. Note that I downloaded and tried to execute adwcleaner. Nothing happens. I downloaded and executed the farbar recovery tool. Nothing happens. Last night I did a complete scan with Defender which found nothing. I know that this isn't much help but it is as much as I can give you at this point. I am currently copying all of my critical files to an external drive. When that is done I wi
  7. This just started today with, what I suspect, was an update for Firefox. All of the Malwarebytes protections turned off. Running Windows 7 - 64bit on a Dell laptop. Also running Windows defender. While Malwarebytes appears to be running in the tray when I click check for updates or open Malwarebytes, nothing happens. Closing Malwarebytes does indeed remove the icon from the tray. When I try to run Malwarebytes, nothing happens. I downloaded and executed ADWCleaner. Nothing happens. I downloaded and executed FRST64. Nothing happens. Everything else on the computer appears to be
  8. I am getting the same thing and like the previous user, mine started yesterday as well. I am running Win7 on a 64bit Dell laptop. I also run windows defender. I did download and run the MWB root kit removal tool but it found nothing. One other thing that I noticed is when I run MWB scan, it completes in seconds with no files scanned. I also ran it with only the rootkit selected which gave the same results. No files were scanned.
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