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  1. Recently I've been receiving MalwareBytes notification messages on my Verizon LG G5 Android phone saying: Database update failed This problem started in the past couple of weeks. Until then I never saw this message. Now I see it several times a day. Under MalwareBytes Settings: Other I have Auto updates enabled (every 6 hours). Under Force update the last update response date/time is always very current (several hours old) So it doesn't look like the virus definitions database is out of date. All scans run normally. No open issues are listed (critical or non-critical).
  2. I'm sharing my recent license renewal experience just FYI, in case anyone else encounters this. My Malwarebytes Premium (MBP) 3-device license was coming up for renewal. I click the renewal reminder button on the MBP app to renew the license for two more years (through the CleverBridge service). I selected the 2-year renewal option and paid. However, what I ended up with after the renewal was two concurrent 1-year 3-device licenses ... for the same 3 devices. The invoice clearly shows two concurrent 2-year 3-device licenses, but the Malwarebytes app and my malwarebytes.com account
  3. It appears that the latest Android app update for MalwareBytes fixed this bug. I no longer get the erroneous message when "use deep scanner" is toggled ON. Thanks!
  4. I'm running MalwareBytes for Android Premium (app ver, databases dated 2018.02.23.01). The dashboard consistently says "Your device has issues", listing 1 non-critical issue: "You have new apps that haven't been scanned" IF the "Use deep scanner during full scan" setting is toggled ON. Regardless of how many times I run a full, deep scan (which ends normally, reporting "No malware found!") the dashboard continues to report the same non-critical issue. However, if the "Use deep scanner during full scan" setting is toggled OFF, the non-critical issue warning is cleared after a full
  5. I'm experiencing the same thing. As a possibly related symptom, when I clicked on the Settings -> My Account tab, I received the following pop-up message: So I suspect this has something to do with a MalwareBytes server outage ... perhaps the one that identifies malicious websites.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I had tried updating the MB database -- but no update was available until a few minutes ago. This latest database fixed the problem for me.
  7. I'm also experiencing MB blocking login.microsoftonline.com as a malicious website. I'm running version, component package 1.0.262, update package 1.0.3458 on Win 10 Home (Fall Creators Update, latest patches). For me, the blocking just appeared this afternoon ... not after a Windows Update or upgrade.
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