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  1. Updated a few hours ago, all was well until 8:30. BSOD while remoted into the machine, said something about corrupt list entry. Full memory dump mbst grab and minidump attached as well. First BSOD since @LiquidTension dropped me a modified mwac file. 090520-13937-01.dmp mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. I see this time it's naming PlexScriptHost.exe as the win8 driver fault
  3. SO I ran a little experiment yesterday. I ran Mbam in full protection mode with nothing running. then just Plex running, then Plex and uTorrent running. Normally these crashes happen when Chrome is also open. I left chrome closed and it has been 11 hours with the test of utorrent and plex with no crashing. There is nothing saying that chrome is the issue, but I hope it gives you guys something to look into since I am stable for 11 hours now. It was originally giving a BSOD every couple hours so I could have 3-4 in 10 hours.
  4. Mwac is responsible for the web protection. If you turn it off they will stop. For the time being that's how I've been running mine but I just turned it back on to check to see what happens
  5. So I remoted into my server. Shut down Plex and uTorrent. It's been 5 hours now and it hasn't rebooted yet. But time will tell. It happened at random last time.
  6. I absolutely can, I get out of work at 430EST, so I will do it then.
  7. No, even after reboot when only plex is running it will still do it, I have not shut down plex to see if that could be causing it.
  8. any updates on this? i have tried to update and received a small update, left web services running and it crashed again.
  9. Dump and the other file is attached mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. So It happened again, same thing dpc watchdog issue with mwac.sys
  11. No BSOD so far. My server has been online for a few hours shy of 24 but so far so good. Thank you for checking in!
  12. Due to fluctuations in power here I can't really say if it fixed it or not. I do know that after updating I had no BSOD, but because of the power being on and off, I can't leave my server running long enough lmao.
  13. I will do this now and report back. The crashes were within 4 hours of one another.
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