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  1. Aha, that is what must be happening then. I'll assume that theare updating quietly behind the scenes.😎 Thanks, Martin
  2. Hi Porthos, Thanks very much for the reply. I already have the updates set to automatic but what is confusing me is that often when I update manually then Malwarebytes wants to restart the sevice, which is fine. However, if it is installing automatically, (which it could be) why does it not inform me that it is restarting? I suppose my question should be how do I know that it is automatically updating? Thanks, Martin
  3. Hi, Just a quick question but why would Malwarebytes automatic updates not update? I gave to keep checking manually even though they are set to automatic. Version Premium 4.1.0 Windows 10. This is the same across 3 pc's. Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi Firefox, That's good news, thanks for the info.? Martin
  5. Hi, Has the problem with using Avast and Malwarebytes together been fixed with the latest release yesterday, please? I know they were talking to each other to resolve the problem. Martin
  6. Hi, I finally have my pc running again. :) I tried disabling some parts of Avast but that only helped part way, the final solution is to go into safe mode and uninstall Avast completely. :'( So I,m just using Malwarebytes until Avast has a fix for this issue, then I will re-install. Martin
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