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  1. I started getting notices that my premium subscription was about to end. I tried for three days to renew it and could not. I even opened a support ticket – Support Ticket 2140048 – on 11/19/2017 and I have not received a response as of today 11/21/2017. Below is the text that I sent to support: “I've been getting the notice that my Malwarebytes subscription was about to end (End Date 11/18/2017). For three days I've clicked on the Renew Now button and tells me I'm all set. Yet it has not renewed. I even changed payment and get this message: Change payment option for your subscription #SXXXXXX You have successfully updated your payment details for your subscription. You will receive an email with further information about your payment at the appropriate time. On 11/18/2017 you will be charged $0.00 by cleverbridge using the same contact and billing information on file for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. What can I do to renew my subscription?” This morning I was really agitated over the lack of support and replied to the initial automated email created for ticket 2140048 with the following, “It is now 11/21/2017 and I’ve received no response on how to renew my subscription. I can’t continue without malware protection so I guess I’m going to look into other products from other vendors as it seems Malwarebytes has no intention or desire to keep me as a customer.” After much research it seems that Malwarebytes is still top rated. I've been with Malwarebytes for a few years and I would like to continue, however now I no longer have the option to renew as the time frame has passed and must purchase a new license at a higher price than I've been paying. What am I missing? Why could I not renew my license? Why did I not get a response to my support ticket?
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