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  1. Just as an FYI... I also use Plex and uTorrent, and have also been experiencing multiple BSOD in the last few days. I had assumed it was caused by the most recent uTorrent release, but I just caught the latest screen before it restarted, and it stated mwac.sys as being what had 'failed'.
  2. Especially as it's not the first time this has occurred.
  3. Just started getting this as well. I've had it before... last time I think it was a duff update they pushed to the database, and was corrected when they pushed out a corrected version. But it did take them a while to get around to it.
  4. So if I'm following this correctly, the problem is basically affecting every single user who is running a version of MBAM 3.x which has updated recently, and is caused by zero-byte definition files being pushed out due to (presumably) some kind of schoolboy error. Is this not something which could be resolved relatively simply, by getting the right definitions on the server and simply telling everyone to hit 'Check for updates'?
  5. Yeah, made me chuckle as I was grabbing the screenshot. I'm just hoping my Comodo Internet Security is good enough on its own for now.
  6. Same here. For me, both Malware Protection and Web Protection are getting turned off. Scans don't work either. I've been having issues with Web Protection switching off occasionally ever since MWB3 arrived, but a restart usually resolves it. Not today, though! I've tried the whole MBclean thing too... made no difference. I've actually shut it down for now, as the pop-up is p*ssing me off.
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