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  1. I downloaded Malwarebytes 3 this morning, paid for Premium, and the result is ...nothing.

    As stated earlier, it checks for updates and then shuts down. This check may last anything from 1 second to 8 seconds (multiple attempts to get it going even with web protection off). Web protection is off, initial attempts to turn it on failed as it immediately turned off. It now just says 'Starting..' but on a reboot, it is off.

    I have reduced the scan area to just the C: drive but this has no effect so the fault lies at the transition from scanning the web for an update to the start of the scan proper, I'm guessing.

    I run Windows 10, completely up to date, and Kaspersky Internet Security. Other users have no problems with this combination but perhaps it's the recent Windows 10 update that is at fault?

    I wanted to be sure that my system was clear of malware and premium seemed the answer!


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