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  1. Yes, seems to be fixed. I do not see any problems now. Thanks.
  2. I received a reply from Malwarebytes support about this. I had forwarded them a link to this discussion thread as well as my own screenshots. The response was simply that they have forwarded my ticket to the "BrowserGuard Team". When I hear more, I will update this thread.
  3. Yesterday I could not see that the check-mark was accepted, but the screen did seem to jump - it did not look quite like a refresh. This morning I do see the check-mark accepted for a fraction of a second before the screen refreshes. However, I still get the "blocked" notification from Browser Guard for the same sites in question.
  4. aha, Thanks. As said, I have also already submitted a ticket to Malwarebytes . . . with screen captures. It was mildly annoying that even though i then added these addresses to my "allow lists" they are still blocked. Hopefully it might get sorted out once the weekend is over.
  5. 1. www.psoriasis-association.org.uk https://www.psoriasis-association.org.uk/forums/ 2. www.easyfundraising.org.uk Using Windows 10, Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit) All four subsystems shown as "working (fully operational) " Both these addresses are shown in my "allow" list both within the Browser-Guard interface and the MalwareBytes Premium interface.
  6. For the past 48 hours or so I am seeing several perfectly mundane sites that I regularly access being blocked by BrowserGuard. I have added them to the allow list, but they are still being blocked each time I try to access. (in the allow list both in the Browserguard window, and the main Malware bytes Premium window). I can of course click on "I want to continue" option to go to the sites, The check box for "do not block this site in the future" cannot be selected. I have submitted a formal ticket to support about this.
  7. They have posted that they are aware of the problem - it seems to be related to the database. I have been using V3 for several months without any problem. The bottom line is that there is a problem and they are aware of it and working to fix it.
  8. They already know - see the announcement re: Database, and the message just above your post here.
  9. Probably due to an overnight update (or a worldwide attack? :-) ) I raised a ticket a short time ago. Several threads appearing now on this forum (over last 20-30 minutes) everyone seems to be seeing exact same symptoms. Malwarebytes problem.pdf
  10. Just had same problem appear (Win 7) - raised a ticket with Malwarebytes support (before looking in this forum) Malwarebytes problem.pdf
  11. Just had the same problem occur. web-protection will not turn-on again and scan will not run - I raised a ticket with Malwarebytes support before looking in this community. Malwarebytes problem.pdf
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