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  1. Product: MalwareBytes Browser Guard Short URL is: hxxp://soph.so/cSFi30qp1EC Redirects to: hxxps://community.sophos.com/b/community-blog/posts/sophosid-is-migrating-please-log-in-with-your-sophosid Block reason: Reputation The domain seems to be getting used as Sopho's short URL service for redirects. A truly horrible domain name to use because it definitely looks like a scam, but appears to be legit 🙄
  2. Wasn't exactly sure where to report this as it is not a file detection as such. MalwareBytes is detecting the Microsoft tool Process Explorer as attempting an attack. I suppose normally image hijack settings would be a bad thing, but in this case it is a good thing (if you use Process Explorer over Task Manager). mbytesscan.zip
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