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  1. When I used the support tool it attached the log to my existing ticket 3282520. I've had an email acknowledgement of receipt of the log.
  2. Apologies for the delay....work! Log now sent.
  3. Still the same problem. As soon as I try to switch it on the computer restarts.
  4. Having purchased a licence to use this on two PC's I have been unable to use it on one of them for the best part of two months.... I was told by your support team, just before Christmas, that I would have to await a new version in the hope that it might fix my problem. When is this new version going to be ready?
  5. Still waiting a reply from Jason to my email on Sunday. This query was first raised almost a month ago and I'm no further forward with it; having paid for an application which I cannot use. Really would appreciate this being sorted.
  6. Just checking that Jason got the reply to my ticket as I haven't heard back.
  7. Many thanks; log attached. I did, in fact, uninstall BitDefender a few days back and have not reinstalled it as the licence has expired. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Did reply direct on Friday but as yet no response. Wondering if we were any further?
  9. Sorry, but the only contact I've had from support is the original email acknowledgement from 8 days ago.
  10. Just to point out I haven't heard in response to my ticket. Am I likely to soonish?
  11. mbst-grab-results.zip Many thanks; new log attached. I have already created a ticket. Your help is much appreciated!
  12. Okay, followed your instructions but as soon as I try to switch Privacy to "on" it restarts the computer and obviously remains "off". Bitdefender has not been reinstalled after uninstalling it yesterday; my sub on that runs out this weekend anyway and I don't intend to renew it.
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