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  1. Hello, I understand you have no control over the quality of service my ISP provides, I was in fact complaining about how your service reacts to their poor service. When the BSOD (Kernel Security Check or something along those lines) happened, it happened immediately after the Malwarebytes service crashed. Their was no reason given for it crashing, and I can only conclude that it had something to do with the internet check your product conducts because it happened after it produced an error saying it could not connect to the internet. I used the latest version available as of
  2. Hello again, I did not expect a response so I stopped paying attention, but I just want to say that I'm pretty much fed up with the product and how it handles on a crappy connection like xplornet. Basically my connection is garbage, but it's the only one we've got out in the middle of nowhere Canada. It used to be pretty stable, but our provider got bought out and the new provider (Xplornet) has somehow manged to screw that up. Over the course of the initial outage to now MB has consistently annoyed me about being unable to connect (even if it was only down for 1-2 minutes) which pops up
  3. Hello, Firstly I want to say for the most part I am satisfied with the service. With that being said I have recently encounter some things that have been gnawing away at my patience. 1) Exclusions: Folder Exclusions, and for the most part exclusions in general don't appear to work as intended - at the very least, how I intend it. Whilst it is most common when I use trainers from the likes of Cheat Happens, and other similar services, it has also happened for game patches and even website exclusions. I have to go in and add each individual file I want excluded in the folder, even thou
  4. This may be an issue with the software currently, but don't take my word for it. Others are experiencing issues with other parts of the software which only happened within the last 2-3 hours.
  5. Like I said, I think the latest update broke it (as it only happens when I update after a fresh install). Hopefully they are still awake and able to push something out.
  6. I have also received this issue. I do believe it is caused by whatever the latest update did. When I uninstalled and re-installed it was enabled, but then I updated and it can no longer turn on.
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