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  1. Thank you for all the input and help. The latest beta 4 v1.0.804 has solved the issue.☺️ BTW I did look at adding Secureline to the exclusion list but the page keeps disappearing/closing when trying to browsing to the location!? I have read up much on registry editors but there have been several occasions when an seemingly insoluble problem has gone away after a registry clean. I'll look at the other suggestions and thanks once again.
  2. I do not use the latest version of Kaspersky AV Free because, as you rightly say, it causes issues. Version 19 is the one installed, (and prevented from updating to v20), and it has happily coexisted alongside MB (v4.0.4 paid for) and Avast Secureline (paid for) for some considerable time. I have previously tried Defender but without success. Monday morning all was well and by Monday afternoon, with no W10 or any other program updates (that I could spot) having taken place, that state of wellness was overturned. Why suddenly MB's Web Protection should conflict with Secureline is surely the issue that needs resolution so that the previous harmonious state is restored. I have also contacted Secureline with this issue, which is known to them, but they are convinced that the solution lies with Malwarebytes, hence my posting. I will try the beta version of MB and report back. Thanks
  3. Thanks all. I am not using Avast AV. Requested zip file attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. As of 2 days ago my VPN, Secureline, wouldn't allow me to change servers and would hang. Turned off Secureline via Task Manager. W10 then wouldn't shut down. Uninstalled, reinstalled Secureline and did other checks. The issue was solved by turning off MB's Web Protection. So either I do not use the VPN and have Web Protection or vice versa. Is this a known issue and is there a solution in sight?
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