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  1. Auto-start problem has resolved itself. Usual suspect is last MS update. Just for the record this problem was isolated to a unique hardware combo: Affected: i7 920/IntelX58 Not affected: Core2/P45, Core2/975X, i7 8700/Z370 all running Win7Pro except the i7 8700 on Win10Pro
  2. No go. Delay Real-Time Protection increased to max of 180 secs - still fails to start. services.msc entry for Malwarebytes set to Delayed Start but mbam fails to start after hard and soft reset. setting in services and protection delay in mbam returned to original settings. The only change in my setup is that I disabled and transferred a Malwarebytes license on my local network from a PC taken out-of-service and placed successfully on a new machine. Seems unlikely it would affect this PC though.
  3. Had been so reliable I took it for granted, would always get the scan pop-up, but failed to get one today did some checking and was not running. Can start manually, but won't resolve to Win7 notification area - previously when I closed the mbam window the program would still run and show in the notification area - now it exits the program. The Settings/Protection "start malwarebytes at Windows startup" button is on but has stopped working. Mbam is set to display icon and notification in control panel. Support tool log attached: mbst-grab-results.zip
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