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  1. Agreed... They will loose over this. Twitter is coming alive over this.
  2. The about Malwarebytes is making me giggle HARD! Imagine a world without malware. We do............. LMFAO.
  3. I re-installed on my systems, L'Keys were ok and when MB updates it reverts back to free version. Not sure why myself
  4. Im now thinking this problem is server side because my licence keys keep reverting back to the free version. A press release from MB would help....
  5. Oh and an announcement from these guys would help. Silence is never a good idea. No news is bad news right?
  6. Licence keys not working either. This is a server problem. An update be it definitions or program update wouldn't cause this. Anyone else with Licence key problems?
  7. On one hand im glad this wasnt due to my system being infected but on the other hand im worried malwarebytes systems can leave us exposed like this.
  8. Scan are not working either. How it is even possible for Malwarebytes systems to go down and leave users PC's exposed. This is very worring. So if one want to infect 1000's of PC's take out malwarebytes servers first. VERY WORRING.
  9. Its worring to know that there servers can disabled a program thats runs on users systems. What else does this company know about Individual PC's. There is a bigger picture here and its very worring. When there systems goes down it leaves consumer PC's exposed this for me is very worring indeed.
  10. P.S can other users check if system scans are working? Mine isnt.
  11. As others have been reporting Malwarebytes isnt working. As of today this doggy program disables web protection and system scans do NOT work. Whats the point in having a malware program (which you change silly money for each yr) and it doesnt work. I pay for your software to protect my system and you are failing me bigtime.... I got a blank check in which i will use to SUE your arse if i end up with a virus because your DUMB program fails to protect my systems. Have a freaking nice days.
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