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  1. OK, I'll take a look at that browser. Maybe time for a browser change...
  2. Thanks for the confirmation Exile. Odd thing is Google Chrome hadn't crashed before being restarted (although sometimes it thinks it's crashed after being shut down) Anyway, at least now I don't have to worry as it's just Google being.... Well... Google.
  3. Hi all, Have noticed on starting up Google Chrome on Saturday morning and this morning I'm being taking to a Google Chrome settings page that's suggesting I remove/disable Malwarebtes because it's "incompatible" with Chrome? Anyone know why I'm getting this?
  4. Well that's around normal for a daily MB scan for my PC. Those hour and a half scan's I was suffering with this week with 3.4.5 were very much the exception and I guess an indication of how slow my computer was going due to high CPU etc. But it's deffo an indication that 3.5 has got my system back to normal which I'm very happy about. I don't know what it was but my PC was very, very upset with 3.4.5.
  5. 3.5 has just done it's first scheduled daily scan... Took 9 minutes - 3.4.5 was taking up to 90 minutes!
  6. I have been very, very impressed with the support offered this week.
  7. LOL! That's a new one... Someone complaining about MB doing it's job!
  8. Thank you exile for helping to get things sorted out for me. It's such a relief to have my PC working well again. When 3.5 is rolled out to everyone will I still have to install it as a regular update?
  9. OK just to bring this up to date. My PC now seems to be running fully optimal again with 3.5. I have did have more problems with my PC running very slowly again after the 3.5 download. I was tearing my hair our about an hour ago... But then I remembered that during the download process my PC didn't do a restart at all. So I went to my power settings and disabled "Fast Startup" Then I did a full power down/up and that seems to have gotten 3.5 to take affaect. Everything is now running very fast and perfectly again... It's like having an old friend back lol!
  10. Hi @dcollins Just to bring you up to date, my PC was still running very slowly this morning so I decided to install 3.5 Beta. After initially not thinking it was going to make much difference (things were still very slow after the install) everything seems to be speeding up nice now. Will report back later today and let you know how I'm getting on.
  11. WOW! We're speeding up nicely. I didn't think it was going to work initially as everything still seemed slow after the install but now I'm surfing the web like normal for the first time in around a week. Will report back later.
  12. OK I'm using 3,5 Will let you know how I get on a little later.
  13. OK, I think I'll have a go at installing 3.5 in a few minutes as problems are still on-going with my PC. If that doesn't work Ill either have to uninstall MB or get a professional out to my machine to find out what the problem is,
  14. If you install Beta do you have to keep Beta update's enabled or can you stop receiving Beta updates once you've installed the 3.5 Beta?
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