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  1. I am in the process of building a new PC for my wife. I will be moving her entire physical C drive, where Malwarebytes is installed, to the new build which of course will have a different motherboard. Will Malwarebytes see this as being installed on a new PC? Will it need to be re-registered? Or should I deactivate it beforehand? If so, what's the best way to do this? Thanks for any info about this.
  2. @dcollins I guess I'm anal, but I use the little tray icon on the right to open Malwarebytes main panel fairly often to view reports, check versions, etc. That extra line there showing a blocked website and asking if I want to add it as an exclusion is just another thing that could be accidently clicked and also dirties up the view. I just thought there ought to be an easy way to get rid of it if you don't want to exclude it. Not a big thing but it's like a tic that gets under your skin for me. I leave my PC on 24/7.
  3. Thanks. I'm not worried about how long it takes as long as it goes away on it's own. I never waited long enough to see. I just added it and then deleted it. But that didn't make any sense to me as to how it should or could work.
  4. There must be an easy answer to this, but right now it is not obvious to me. When I visit (seldom) a website that Malwarebytes blocks, I immediately get an option to add this site to my exclusions when I right click on the tray icon. But what if I don't want to add this as an exclusion. How do I get rid of that prompt? If I right click on the add exclusion prompt, it adds it right away. Then I have to go into exclusions and delete it. I'm sure there must be an easier way to just delete or ignore the prompt (just an added line in the pop up) without having to add it first???? Thanks
  5. Duh.... thank you. I never realized that was clickable!
  6. This has probably been answered before but I'm just curious why when you view "reports" that they are not in any logical order; like by date?
  7. I believe someone posted the same problem on Norton's forum yesterday blaming NIS for changing their docs to read only also. Related????
  8. I imagine because it's the 4th and a big holiday, this problem isn't getting the attention it might any other day. I listed the crl.starfieldtech.com under exclusions but now see the ocsp. prefix is also causing the popups for me. I can only guess this is being caused by one of the definition updates this morning?????
  9. I'm having the same problem but I'm in the US and not using BT nor am I using Bitdefender and have never ever installed it. I've started a post in the MB3 support forum hoping it might get a wider viewer audience. I've noted the important factor to me is these popups JUST started this morning. For the time being, I've listed starfieldtech under exclusions to get rid of those numerous popups.
  10. I was just rereading the posts about this under Website blocking and another user reported same problem. The difference with me is I'm in the US using cox.net, not BT, and I'm not using Bitdefender nor ever had it installed. I've never visited starfieldtech's website before but just tried to see what it was about when I found it was blocked. My problem was with continuous popups from MB alerting me to a "risky" website while I was browsing. I've listed this under exclusions for the time being. The important thing to note is this JUST started with me and it seems with those posting in the other
  11. It's doing it in both Edge and Chrome with multiple websites. No new plugins or extensions added by me. See posts in forum heading Website blocking under false positives. Others there having problem with starfieldtech which should be related to GoDaddy and website security.
  12. This has been noted on another forum section under Website blocking, but I'm also opening it here as it may be more widely noted. All of a sudden, crl.starfieldtech.com is getting numerous popups, when visiting different web pages, that it is risky. The popups say it with an outbound connection. When I try to go to the starfieldtech.com website, it is being blocked. I ran a full system scan with 0 problems found. This only started this morning and I was wondering if a MB definition update is responsible or should I be concerned?
  13. Well at least it didn't lock up everyone's system like the last time! ?
  14. Excuse me for jumping in here, but does yes, yes, yes mean it's an antivirus or mean you need a separate antivirus? Or both?
  15. They said they reassigned the guy who sent out the ballistic missile inbound alert to Hawaii to a different department. I guess we know where they sent him now.
  16. It's a Saturday. All the tech support staff is out watching Cricket matches.
  17. Same here... 2 PC's did it at almost the exact same time. Both high CPU and RAM. What's going on admins????
  18. Thanks for the response. That answers the question clearly. I really wouldn't have even been aware of the 2029 update if I hadn't read about it in another post. Everything is working fine and there were no installation problems. It might be nice for a staff member to post in the forum (at least), the latest updates for the program when they become available and whether it's necessary to install them. I know this is done to some degree, but not always as in this case. 2029 was available but I had no idea whether I needed it or not. Again, thanks.
  19. I downloaded from your link. Installed, ran a manual scan and everything seems to be working ok. Thank you. I was more concerned about why I didn't get the download automatically or when I clicked on install application updates and it told me I was up to date????
  20. I have 2 PC's running MB Pro version I just noticed in other posts that people are referencing v3.2.2.2029. Several days ago I updated to component package v1.0.212 by clicking on "install application updates" button from applications settings page. Both PC's updated and both are running MB with no problems. My questions are: Should I have gotten .2029 automatically? Do I want .2029? Why didn't I get .2029 when I clicked on the install applications update button? Thanks for any insight with this.
  21. Please excuse me for jumping in on this topic, but if it is recommended to uninstall MB prior to upgrading Win10 on October 17, how would the average user who doesn't frequent this forum know to do this? What will happen if it's not uninstalled? I'm a new user who installed MB pro after the last Creator's update. Thanks for any info on this.
  22. That follows the line of thinking I was going to use to set up my schedule. I guess there is no "exact" method and lots of different personal preferences. I was just following what I do with Norton and rely on it to run its own daily quick scans and then I have a weekly full scan scheduled. This has served me well for Norton but being new to MB, I just wasn't sure since it's running full time that daily Threat scans were necessary. I posted here just to get an idea what most long time users are doing and maybe why. Thanks.
  23. Thanks. I thought running it daily would be overkill. But it's no problem to schedule it during an off time. Both PC's are on 24/7 and the scan runs fairly fast.
  24. I am new to MB 3.1 Premium (as of yesterday). I previously used v2.2.1 free and did a manual scan about every week or so. I am also running NIS. My question is about scheduling. How often do I really want to (or need to) run a scan? I guess in my mind, I'm thinking that the Hyper Scan is sort of like a "quick" scan and it should be run daily and Threat Scan would be run once a week as full time protection is turned on and along with NIS I should be fairly well protected with my daily web browsing and email. (I don't click on email links nor does my wife unless they're expected.) I'm
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