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  1. I do have that combination on my PC but have Ublock Origin disabled on Fox as it was stopping the ability to watch the live show that was on. However, I just opened Foxnews.com and was no longer getting the Malwarebytes warning. I guess things are fixed now... Thank you.
  2. I'm also getting this warning on Edge and Chrome when opening Foxnews.com. I don't see it on other sites yet.
  3. I have the same problem. I get Newegg's promos in my email and when I try to open the link, Malwarebytes browser marks it as malicious and not to go there???????
  4. I think this is what he was referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83mviRGlfTU
  5. I've discontinued my auto pay for MB Premium from Cleverbridge and purchased a new Product Key for 3 PC's from N--E--. My subscription expires in May but in preparation for that event I have a question. What's the best way to enter the new key? I've seen in the main MB interface, under settings, you have account. There it gives you the option to deactivate or change your product key. Do you just need to "change" the key and deactivate your old key or just change the key or deactivate first then change the key? I also see you can go to "my account" and register a new key. Seems like lots of way
  6. This is where I'm looking. No need to respond unless there's something else I might want or need to look at.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm assuming everything has been done automatically with Windows to allow Defender to take over the virus protection. All looks good right now. All green. 😀
  8. I know this has been covered before but I just wanted to recheck. I've been using Norton Internet Security for many years but as it was coming up for renewal I decided to remove it and just use MB premium and Window Defender. The uninstall went fine. All check boxes for Windows security are green. What I wanted to check was again, does MB need to be registered in Windows security and if so, how do you do that? Do any other settings in MB need to be changed? Right now everything looks good. Windows Defender is up to date and so is MB. Thanks for any input on this.
  9. Would you please start your own thread if you want to talk about lifetime licenses. thank you.
  10. I'm very happy with MB. It just bothers me when a reviewer pans (or praises) a product based on incomplete or incorrect testing procedures and then try to foist themselves off as experts and that you should listen to them or subscribe to their channel. No way to tell the truth these days without digging. Thanks for the input. 👍
  11. I didn't think this review was being fair. What does MB do when this kind of review is posted? Counter its validity? Or just ignore it? With all the "fake" news today both on TV and on the web, I find it hard to ignore posts that seems to be coming from a legitimate site (TPSC.... are they legitimate?) without doing some questioning.
  12. I just saw this YouTube review of MB. What are they doing wrong or looking at incorrectly? Or are they right? I know MB gets panned as an antivirus but this is panning MB in it's ability to prevent malware. I'm very skeptical of what they are coming up with and how they doing this test by throwing out dozens of malware loaded links and programs at one time. This doesn't seem realistic???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9clWAlxZloI
  13. Thank you.... I thought it might have something to do with time zones as I live in Phoenix which doesn't change times for DST. 👍
  14. Everything seems to be working fine with the new version. I'm running v4.0.4.49, update package 1.0.14838, component package 1.0.718. But I do see a glitch (i think) on the home screen. I have a scheduled quick scan to run daily at 955pm. It does run every day at that time, but the screen shows, scheduled run TOMORROW at 955pm in lieu of saying TODAY at 955pm. Again, it d oes run as scheduled, it's just the picture. This occurs everyday (saying tomorrow) in the morning when I look at it. Screen shot and logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. Will do. I couldn't this last time as I couldn't open a browser page to get the support tool. I didn't think about getting it from another PC first. Too much going on to think about it. Now I have it and will definitely use it if I get this on the next update. All is running fine after the second install.
  16. And again, to clarify (sorry to keep adding but I don't think I can edit posts???) The browsers did open but no web pages would load. That was the fault.
  17. Here are the logs. Everything seems to working okay now. Scheduled quick scan ran on time and completed fine last night. Here is the log. mbst-grab-results.zip
  18. Small correction. I uninstalled the new 4.0.3 then reinstalled.
  19. Maybe I did something wrong, but I clicked on the link Erix gave today (from this link) and installed 4.0.3 over 4.0.2. Maybe that was the problem. The install went quick and everything looked okay in the interface, but I couldn't open any web browser; Edge, Chrome or Firefox. I tried turning MB off but that didn't help. I also rebooted. No help. I used the Windows uninstall applet to remove MB Beta 4.0.2 and then reinstalled it to This went quick and now the browsers are working but in this install, my scheduled scans were deleted. I only run two. A nightly quick scan and a weekly t
  20. Oh, I forgot. I'm using version with component package 1.0.690
  21. At the top of the MB 3 forum, it said to try the MB 4 beta. Well, I did and found the following: Easily installed over MB 3.8.3. Kept all my setting and scan schedules intact including all my account data. In the last 2 days, it has run 2 scheduled quick scans and 1 weekly Threat scan quickly and worked fine. I've used it with Chrome and Edge (dev) with no problems. No false positives. (No positives but I guess I didn't visit any bad sites since install.) So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with its performance and with how things are now displayed. Of course the interfac
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