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  1. Right. But, when I open Excel.exe it doesn't detect it. How do I know if its enabled or not ?
  2. The excel.exe issue happened when I installed that new release earlier this morning though. Also did a full scan and nothing found....so weird. Why is MWB not detecting this though?
  3. Ok here it is. I downloaded that program, ran it and went through the questionnaire of the Dashboard and I should've read the article first but then mid way into what I think it was doing (maybe cleaning) I cancelled it because you asked for logs. I then looked for the MWB icon and it was gone so I guess it was deleted. I then went to Advanced window and clicked on Clean and followed everything and rebooted and it reinstalled MWB for me. Then all my historical logs/notifications were erased and when I opened Excel.exe it worked. The logs are attached though. So
  4. Whoops, yes that's exactly right. Whenever I open Excel I get these popups. Why is this happening?
  5. This happened after I installed an update with Malware Bytes.
  6. After Malware Bytes required an update and a new install of that update. Every time I open Excel, I get this message, Viewing the report shows it as: Is this real or what? What do I do?
  7. I'm sorry brother. Can you please share a little more information? I'm freaking out. I googled what it means and it captures logins, passwords and everything in between. Why is it a false positive? What do you mean this morning?
  8. I've had Draftable Desktop since August 21, 2020 installed on my computer. Just this morning, Malware Bytes found Spyware.RedLineStealer within 4 files inside the Draftable Desktop folder inside the AppData\Local folder. I hit quarantine and I don't think they were deleted but I did a full scan afterwards and Malware Bytes found nothing. How did Malware detect this now and not in Aug 21, 2020? Is it deleted now? Do I have to change all my passwords and login ins right now? Scan.txt Scan after quaratining Redline.txt
  9. Well, I have Nitro PDF editor and I am using that as a default PDF reader. I feel weary to remove the that DLL out of MBW, but your saying its a clean DLL file right?
  10. No I understand that. I am just saying, how did MBW false read something then damage it? Is adobe reader damage because MWB placed the adobe DLL file in quarantine is that why Adobe is not working?
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