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  1. Well, I have Nitro PDF editor and I am using that as a default PDF reader. I feel weary to remove the that DLL out of MBW, but your saying its a clean DLL file right?
  2. No I understand that. I am just saying, how did MBW false read something then damage it? Is adobe reader damage because MWB placed the adobe DLL file in quarantine is that why Adobe is not working?
  3. Thank you. I still don't understand how this happened. Adobe was fine until MWB allegedly detected something and now Adobe has became dysfunctional, even since there was a false positive ?
  4. After restarting and I clicked on the Adobe PDF file and I still get the error. I went ahead and did a scan and nothing was detected. Please see attached. 6.16.2019 Report.txt
  5. It's 4 hours since your post and I just hit the "Current" feature on the dashboard and MBW starting to Download and then Apple such Updates. I went back to open a PDF file via Adobe and I have the same error of Appcontainer. But. no notification of MWB blocking that mentioned Backdoor.Remco virus, why is that? Also, please see attached file as per your request. Thank you for your prompt assistance! mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I think you may have misunderstood me. This happened to me at 11:55pm last night and this alleged update fix was announced that it was released 10-15 hours later. I still have yet to receive this update patch through my Malware program? And I am still getting this error when I'm opening up Adobe.
  7. Hello Maurice, Thanks for your prompt response. Scan for rootkits has already been ON. The threat scans did it 3x times and nothing was detected. There is no update that populated when I checked for updates. Second Scan.txt First Scan.txt
  8. I dont see a update through MBW?
  9. If memory serves me right my windows 10 had a auto update and then a few hours later, I opened up a PDF file and received this notice upon opening up the file: . Then I received a popup notification from Malware Bytes saying something was blocked and I needed to reboot now, which I did. Here is the log report MWB stored of this virus being blocked; Now whenever I try to open a PDF file with Adobe as the defaulted program I get the above error of the AppContainer. Can anyone help me? I did open/download a pdf file from a vendor that I was having issues with but I never had a alert once I opened their file, why is this happening and am I truly infected? 6.14.2019 Report.txt
  10. So I've installed a Outlook plugin called ContactMonkey and it inserts a 1x1 white pixel image in all my emails for email tracking and it worked fine with MalwareBytes but out of the blue Malware gave me a notification out of the blue and I had to exclude it so the plugin had to work. Why is that?
  11. For some reason, before doing what you just mentioned above, I rebooted and malware appeared...why is that and why did it actaully disppear from the system? And scam was just done and no threats.
  12. Yes, I installed it but removed it. Where is the uninstallclean.bat file ?
  13. Thank you. Please see attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. I noticed, my ESET was gone (not appearing in my tool bar) Thread is here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/17024-is-this-a-new-glitch/?tab=comments#comment-84085 But, now I literally just noticed Malware is completely removed off my system???????? Why did this happened?? How can I be sure a malware or virus did this? or a common issue with MWB ?
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