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  1. Happened to me once, they reappeared but ran HitmanPro and they didn't appear again or at least they haven't. Will keep you posted if it happens again.
  2. Ok, so I woke up yesterday and found in my laptop's desktop that Firefox was installed and two suspicious shortcuts named BigFarm and BigBangEmpire where added. Checked files, went to reddit and followed /r/techsupport malware removal guide, asked on /r/techsupport live chat about it and users responded to being a standard trojan virus. Finished removal guide, threats removed/quarantined, etc. All good. Deleted all fishy files installed that day, etc. Opened chrome and noticed some extensions missing as well my log on info not being there. Checked chrome files noticed they where changed to another file named : C:\Program Files (x86)\Footjane\Application\chrome.exe (Google Inc.) Uninstalled chrome using RevoUninstaller, deleted all remaining footjane files. Tried reinstalling chrome but I can't. Tried everything, tried every solution on the internet I could find, alternate installer, offline installer, safe mode, Ninite, etc. Nothing works Laptop runs Windows 7 Professional (X64)
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