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  1. When you say disable the Symantec Cloud, do you mean turn off antivirus and / or firewall protection or do you mean something else?
  2. I have a computer that was having the Outlook startup problem today. Both Outlook 2013 and Amicus (a program for lawyers to keep organized) would not start. The user rebooted her computer 3 times and then they started. I will be able to run the frst program on her computer at 2:00 this after noon and will then post the results. Is there a way to "kill" the anit-ransomware software with the task scheduler? I was thinking if there was a command line "kill" I could put it in the task scheduler to run every time the computer is shutdown.
  3. I exited the anti-ransomware on another computer. The restart took a little longer than usual, but it did restart.
  4. I disabled anti-ransomware on one computer and it did restart correctly.
  5. They also just let me know another problem they are having (which I noticed too, but remotely) they are having trouble restarting Windows. When they do a restart, it says restarting but just "spins" and never restarts. They end up holding the power button until they crash windows.
  6. We are running the evaluation Malwarebytes for business. When people start up in the morning, they have been having trouble starting Outlook 2013. The Outlook is connected to Intermedia which is their hosted remote Exchange. If they click X and try again several times, it finally loads. Is there something I can add to a policy to stop this interference? We did not have this problem until Malwarebytes was installed. They also have Symantec Endpoint Protection. Outlook was Hanging when starting on the Symantec anti spamware add on and I disabled that. It seemed ok, so I thought we were don
  7. Managed client version: anti-malware version: anti-exploit version: So if I find the exe that starts the dictation software, just exclude it? Would excluding the Outlook directory (or program) correct the other problem?
  8. The console on the server says Version Is this what your asking? The digital dictation software communicates to the SQL database residing on the server and then sends the dictations to the secretaries. Also another user emailed me and his Outlook would not load. He restarted his computer and now getting a message that his Norton antispam Outlook plugin caused Outlook to crash. This is the 2nd person this happened to. Does this plugin have a conflict with Malwarebytes? Is there a way for them to coexist or does it have to be uninstalled? this is the 2nd person at
  9. I have been installing the 14 day business trial. Installed on 20 users. All seemed ok until yesterday. I installed it on one of the partners computers last night. Got a call this morning that he could not get on the internet. Also could not pass in the digital dictation which connects to a sql instance on the server that feeds the dictation to the secretaries. I was able to get on remotely and he still had access to the server. But IE and Edge would just display a blank screen. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and restarted. All once again worked. Is this something that can addressed with a
  10. I have one other question. The trial ware allows me to make an install client, but I was also sent the file mbarw-b_setup_05.exe. I also installed that. Does what that performs show up in the management console? Why is that not included in the client install file? Just wondering. I've added several of my computers to the trial and it looks pretty good so far. I still need to get time to dig a little deeper on how to control things. I initiated a scan on one computer and it told me it found some malware, but did not do anything about it. I'm assuming once I get in deeper I can control
  11. Yes, after nailing down a few other things, I now have the login to the Malwarebytes Management Console. Thanks you very much. John
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