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  1. Sunshine 97 - are you able to boot your phone into safe mode? On Android 4.1 and later you can boot into safe mode by pressing the physical power button and then long pressing the Power Off Icon on the screen. After a second of two of holding the screen icon you will get a message that reads "Reboot to safe mode" with a cancel and restart at the bottom. Try restarting in safe mode and using the utility again to remove the malware. If that does not do the job then I suggest you make a backup of your data like contacts and pictures and perform a hard reset of the phone. That will wipe t
  2. neilbar I would follow the advice that treed provided to you earlier with two critical additions. 1. If you are not using it then don't install it. 2. Ensure it gets scanned and is safe before you install it. There are many third party applications that contain adware and malware. Also, allot of the software that is "shared" online is infected with malware which is why it is so important to thoroughly check everything out before you push it to your system.
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