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  1. @dcollins Any news? Solution or newer version? I'll wait, your product is worthy.
  2. Negative. Only in the newer version. 3.0.6 is working fine, as before.
  3. @dcollins Good morning. Sorry to take so long to answer but was on duty yesterday. Let me know if the attached files are the one you need. Make sure you change the extension to .evtx Thank you again. MFM.rar
  4. Done! The positioning of the cursor was critical I was on top of the text rather than in front of it. IT WORKED!! By the way, the laptop has the latest version. Thank you again
  5. Hi, While this situation gets resolved, and as my income depends on accessibility to my computers, I have reverted to an older version ( without any issues. I found the link in this thread, post 35. Thank you to the MWB team for a great product, bar I look forward to the next version. @porthos & @dcollins: Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Hi, I just restored to Original Factory Settings (windows 8) a 4 year old laptop. Ran all updates and upgraded to 8.1. Ran more updates, installed MS Office 2010 and activated Defender; so far so good even after multiple boot-ups. Installed CCleaner, DriverBooster and Malwarebytes (Premium free trial). Defender gets disabled straight away. Ran mb-check and mb-clean and re-installed MWB, yielding same result. Turned off MWB at the System Tray and Defender becomes available, but after launching MWB it gets disabled again. I have put much trust in this program until this late
  7. @dcollinsNegative. As soon as the desktop appears, all input devices cease to work. I have un-installed the app, it is taking too long to fix what shouldn't be broken; as it was before this new version. I need a favour though, do you have a copy of the previous version that I could use while this problem is fixed? Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi, Un-installed old version. Used mb-clean again. Re-installed ".1733" and worked fine. At this point, un-installed Spy-Bot and created an exclusion in Norton for the whole folder of Malwarebytes. Re-booted and yet again, all froze; mouse moves but absolutely no response -nada! Re-started in safe mode and ran FRST (files attached). MWB .1733 runs but "Real Time Protection" switches cannot be turn "on" Thank you for your assistance. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Whist in Safe Mode, no issues resulting from the following scans : MWB v3.1.2.1733 SpyBot, and Norton Un-installed ".1733", then installed an old version, which is working ok Very much would like to resolve the issue with the new version though...
  10. Hi, For years without a single problem with MWB Premium, till now. This new update has cost me several hours of work (and at the worst possible time - Ransom Ware lurking). Upon updating all worked ok. After re-boot OS loads correctly but mouse, keyboard or touch screen are then disabled. Rebooted into safe mode and Windows un-installer fails to un-install. Re-Downloaded your suggested tools (check and clean) which generated two files - attached. Did not re-boot automatically but after reboot it is now asking to re-download the same version. My question: "Have you guy done
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