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  1. 2.) Double-click the purple frst or frst64 icon to run the program. Click Yes when the disclaimer appears. 3.) Click the Scan button 4.) When the scan has finished, it will make 2 log files in the same directory the tool is located, frst.txt and Addition.txt. Please attach frst.txt and Addition.txt in your reply. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. By the way...I do not get any message that my MBAMTOAST.DLL is not working. Also, my computer is 64bit.
  3. I have Malwarebytes Enterprise on two computers (desktop with Windows 10 and laptop with Windows 7). On the desktop I have no problem with updates to the program. On the notebook, every time I click to update, it tells me the program has the latest update. Today, I updated the desktop...no problem. It went to version 2017.11,05.06...whereas the notebook is at 2017.11.05.01. I compared, via the C:\ drive the 2 programs and have noticed that the laptop is missing the mbamtoast.dll. Could this be the problem? It's the only difference between the 2 units. Is it something I can download (from where?) and put in? Where exactly would I put it? Would this solve the problem?
  4. Pbust...that's basically it. I just checked the settings and it has a check mark in "SHOW SYSTEM TRAY NOTIFICATION TOOLTIPS" on the one that makes the beep with the pop-up. The one that doesn't does not have a check mark. Thanks for the clarification. It doesn't bother me that it shows for the entire 3 seconds...in fact, it actually lets me know that it is working.
  5. I have anti-exploit beta on two computers. Both have passed the test that the program is working. However, on one computer a pop-up appears when I open a new file, open (for 1st time) my mail or go to a new site telling me that Anti-Exploit is working; on the other computer, no pop-up (although, as I said, according to the test, it is working). Which is correct? If pop-up is, how to get it? If not, how to remove it? Thanks.
  6. One last question: does this version of Malwarebytes have anti-exploit built in to it?
  7. Gonzo...thanks for your reply. According to my computer, the version I have is: and it was built on February 9, 2016.
  8. I checked the version of Malwarebytes Enterprise that the University uses and it is the MEE version...which still updates the database. What is the newer version, Gonzo, that you mentioned in your post that replaced it?
  9. Actually there is nothing now being detected. At first Malwarebytes stated that "it is possible that there is ransomware..." and left it to me to make the decision as to keep or delete the file. But as I have updated the database over the past few days, nothing comes up to indicate a problem. I believe I got it from either https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/oasis-feng/greenify/greenify-3-7-1-release/greenify-3-7-1-android-apk-download/ or http://xdroidzone.blogspot.com/2014/04/greenify-v23-beta-3-donation-apk-mega.html , although to be honest, I don't remember. But the question remains: How would we know if there were a "false positive?"
  10. How do you know if Malwarebytes Mobile is giving a true or false positive for ransomware? Specifically I am looking at the donation app of Greenify 3.7.1. I do not remember if I downloaded it from Google play or another site. It was the app file, though.
  11. Well, your analogy works. I will have to check which version of enterprise, but I think they began using it about a year ago. The app I installed was Greenify 3.7.1. I do not remember if I downloaded from Google play or another site. It was the donation file. I do know that my McAfee Mobile Premium scan, once updated to the most recent database, showed that it was clean.
  12. Malwarebytes Enterprise is a version for the corporate world...or in my case, a University. Although I understand what you say, one question does remain: why doesn't it say that there is ransomware and not possibly be ransomware? As to my particular situation, I do not leave data or wi-fi on all the time...they are rarely turned on and, more important, I do not use my credit cards or do any banking via the phone...ever.
  13. The other day I downloaded an app to my computer. Ran it through my virus scan and then through Malwarebytes Enterprise. Everything said it was clean. So, I BT it to my cell phone (LG Fiesta), installed it, and my Malwarebytes Mobile stated that the file "might have ransomware." My question is (kind of obvious): how could it be clean in one form of Malwarebytes (desktop...Enterprise) and possibly not in the other (mobile...premium)? Both versions are, and were, up to date.
  14. Totally agree and that is why I didn't click on it. Again, thank you so much for the clarification and the test worked beautifully.
  15. Thanks for the quick response, and yes, it worked. I mistakenly believed that the zip file was for the techies and that there was another, the .exe, for the regular user.
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