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  1. I had to re-install the program to get it back to its normal function. There was certainly something wrong with the latest update if any user tried to update from within the application itself and had a similar setup to mine. Anyway, I'm just happy that I got the issue resolved somehow.
  2. I'm also having this same particular issue.. Ever since the latest update, the GUI won't load up. If i open it from the list of programs (because it didn't start with windows as it supposed to do, and has always done), i get a network connection error (twice), even though i'm connected to the internet, and then nothing. Nothing happens. I try to scan a folder or anything in the system, hoping for it to kick it up and bring me the User Interface, still nothing. It's maddening. I'm on Windows 10 (version 1803) I've not had any problems with this program since I bought it 2 years ago till now. This is just bonkers!!
  3. I'll love to know too. I often see it catch some malware on a thumb drive (indicating that it's effective and not just some gimmick); but when scanning my entire PC (more than 320GB) it seems to be done in less than 30 secs. (shrugs)
  4. Thanks Porthos. This issue seems to have magically resolved itself. I downloaded all the windows updates I've been hesitant to do for a while now. And after the consequent installation and reboot, the licence was able to authenticate without problems. Thanks for even offering to help in the first place (: Sam
  5. I just bought a licence after months of using the free version. However, whenever i try to activate the licence from within the application, I get an error message telling me that "Unable to contact licence server. Contact your system administrator for help". I don't know what to do. I'm fairly knowledgeable at this and i'm surprised that the program cannot connect to the internet. I'm using windows 10, and the firewall allows traffic to port 443, the program can also check for updates (like it has always been doing since i installed it, in the free version). I don't know what else could be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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