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  1. Here are the links. Since the original memory.dmp was deleted, I waited till the problem reproduced, and also ran the support tool again. I've added the output of the tool to the uploaded files. https://we.tl/vDaqyK2GDF https://we.tl/KzvQnh919i https://we.tl/WIVY5sf3Rg https://we.tl/QtKwB1kOLK
  2. The size of the memory.dmp file is 4GB, and wetransfer.com only allows files up to 2GB. Should I choose to save a dump file other than complete memory dump for the next time that my system blue screens?
  3. My Windows 10 PC blue screened. The WhoCrashed utility showed that it was caused by mbamchamelopm.sys. I've attached mbst-grab-results.zip. Thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip
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