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  1. my bad - it looks like MB has MAC + andraoid + iOS covered - so will they have activation-contract issue in the future, say 10 years time??? dear me...
  2. Yes like I said - there is a serious fake license issue with MB but I am still not so sure about the 1 device only contract/deal for the legit. Something smells bad. Anyhow, it was a good run with MB and nothing last forever... People change and company are made up of people. What we can agree here, gentleman, for anyone, personal and business, that moves to LINUX (or MAC), won't have a MB activation trouble issue. PERIOD! Right? No more monthly fees either, don't need nothing from the great Amazon either. Do you agree, trusted advisor? p/s AdvancedSetup I know what you are saying there (which is the standard narraitve that has been protocol-repeating in MB currently) but back then, I think, MB was branching out and may have offer a 3 license deal for a very brief time, and not in US clevebridge (which so far is use as the proof of 1 license). I suspect, MB may have lost some of our lifetime deal records Or that when MB consolidated all their foreign branches, some kind of deal was made or not made/ackowledge, and now somebody decided to make-force it as 1 device only. Again, as a customer, again, nobody will keep record for 10 year for a consumer product - so the customer is FORCED to take the lost and the blame. We just trusted MB as it was working good for near 10 years... now the unfortunate things happen... But let's not waste more time and life on this MB issue - One can always go to LINUX if one wants everything free or continue to pay MB whatever MB price demands. It is sad and unfortunate still. Thanks for your understanding. May your god be for you and not against you.
  3. Nicely done! The original poster left and now some of you found an Amazon deal!!! Rather than address the REAL issue - Something is WRONG with MB here! While there is a screenshot of the receipt showing 1 device per lifetime licensen- there are some of us that clearly remember it was 3 device and that when we log into the MB account it states 0 of 3 device. The screenshot show it was Cleverbridge in US, but mine also legit with receipt from Cleverbridge, already registered in MB account, is not from US. And I clearly remember having a conversation with the sales rep that time about how many device it can cover, since we all have more than one device. Against who would keep a record of the receipt, bank transaction, of chat records, or even a sale ads MB used 10year ago?! While it is true MB is dealing with some serious misuse of fake license here - those of us that are legit - some of us remember it as 3 device - unlike those faithful volunteer here. Perhaps we have a different deal? Those is US only have one device and those of foreign has 3?! Anyhow MB has done the damage - the price will come.... one way or another... Sad ending to a great saga, I say. How many times do you want your earliest and most loyal customers to forgive you?! Are you worth it given the recent 'stunt' again?!??? Very sad indeed. p/s Those who are leaving MB, may want to consider Linux as a different OS, it could solve many of your other problems. For a start in Linux-land most are free and open source.
  4. @exile360 Thanks for the reply and your clarification. One can only trust what you share here is true. Or one can leave. Again MB is a great product, from its inception until now. No doubt about that! Its not about the product, but ppl who manages the company and its policy. But I do concur with you - the dishonest fake lic is totally out of control to the point it is affecting the company branding. p/s I see you have a nice rig there :) Mine is just plain old nothing, thus prob more suited to Linux anyway, now that MB is using more and more RAM.
  5. Just some rant here - If you are on Windows 7 as well... consider switching to Linux - You will kill 2 birds with one stone. No more the Anti-Malware need on your OS and everything is pretty much FREE there!!! sadly MB, under the new management, seem to have forgotten their humble roots when they nearly went under several times... it seems. The time will come when all the FANGS goes under or force to modify drasticaly down - what is left then on western-platform??? MB?! And the fact, if MB did allow, more than one device connected, they themselves has already breach their policy, giving the customer the 'comfort' of using in on multiple device. Yet, to date, I have yet heard from MB, to prove the lifetime deal was indeed, 1 lic for 1 device Somehow I remember it as 1 lic for 3 device, which was very common back then, and MB was competing to the BIG AVs, how would they offer a lesser deal? But not proof from me... or them. Does anyone still have a copy or screen shot of the ad sale they offer back then? I am very grateful for all the service MB has offered and glad to see MB doing well but this sudden and unannounce 'pulling the carpet under your first-base loyal customer's feet' is **** MB was the one who allow the 'breach of policy' and now if they want to correct it, the mistake they committ onto themselves, they should at least give the customer warning and time to switch to something else Or MB can offer something of equivalent... they have already sown some very bad seeds here... Just my 2c here... anyhow I am closer to Full and ONLY Linux every day now... even if I have a MB lifetime lucky deal... one more reason for me to leave the old school amangement-policy behind... sadly What if MB decide to unofficially terminate the lifetime lic as well?! They won't? Why not? they are a honourable business? How do you know?! These has happened in other company product as well - no company, once they grown to stable and profitable, likes lifetime deal... and left-over old-unprofitable customers Do consider the longer term implications... Just some rant here -
  6. Hi I need to change the email add used previously to registered on the original liecense and also enquire some other issue about activation problems. Can someone point me forward on how to get help pls? Who should I contact for those License Contact Details pls?! I recall there was a specialise dept for those kind of issues... Pls help. Thanks.
  7. Hi there Install Malwarebytes for Windows version 3.6.1 CU 1.0.519 - 15days of flawless uptime then update to Malwarebytes for Windows version 3.6.1 CU 1.0.527 - 5 days freeze free then it started 24 hours later then 2 days and today 3rd time freeze for no appearant reason Something got updated thro the daily updates? I know its suppose to definitions only - not componenet or version change but I not sure whats going on Roll back to 519 and see if freezes still happen with updated definitions -> MB needs to do better - I would think - this problems has been for over a year and I keep the log of freezes In 2018 it has over hundreds on my simpleton computer that needs hard reboot - I dont even play graphic games Of course I cannot be sure it MB alone either Anyway - still one of the better or best product in the industry/marketplace Pls keep up the good work :) Looking forward to yearly freeze-free w7 days again :)
  8. Hi Just want to share some feedback here... since update to Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.519 my w7 ultimate virtually (almost?) stop freezing :) It used to be evey 2nd day or so but now since the last 15 days w Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.519 it has not freeze I used to think it was due to M$ trying to force backdoors updates or something going on the backgroud or conflict with other 3rd party but something from MB Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.519 seems to fix it - last 15 days flawless uptime!!! Just a feedback and thanks for the awesome work :)
  9. Okie got it! Its better to be safe than sorry later... I should not just whitelist them I suppose all public DNS has the same potential problem Thought I should ask an expert here on MB Many thanks for your generous time and super effort and the great work you do here Wishing MB a happy holidays and great 2019 year ahead
  10. Much appreciated seems like there are a few more while you are at it... not sure why buy every now and then MB suddenly went 'rouge' and block a bunch of DNS some I have posted before some just went away on next several updates - do you know why does MB keep doing this? Its a small annoyance but I dont want to whitelist all of the DNS from OpenNIC Thanks for your time anyway
  11. Also pls check DNS Is something going on? You seems to be blocking a good few of DNS ?! Is OpenNIC unsafe to use by MB flittering standards? Thanks
  12. been using OpenNIC Public Servers DNS and and for some time(SEE: https://servers.opennic.org/edit.php?srv=ns3.vic.au.dns.opennic.glue)but since yesterday MB is blocking the those 3 DNS again and giving the warning as Trojan Can you kindly pls check if this is FP and fix by next update? Thanks Happy Holidays in few days
  13. been using DNS for years (SEE: https://servers.opennicproject.org/edit.php?srv=ns10.fr.dns.opennic.glue) but since yesterday MB is blocking the DNS and giving the warning as Trojan Can you pls check if this is FP and fix by next update? Thanks
  14. On last check virus total is showing yandex detected trojan on ver. 3.0.4 and with -18 community score initially downloaded straight from the vlc site (with intention to instal over) false positive??? or smth else?
  15. Thanks firefox my bad.... I always waited for the stable release and almost never attemp beta... something strange must have heppen - i not only went for beta and went with it with NO OFFICIAL statement and based on one user experience. Oh well... Let us know when the REAL beta and stable is out - hopefully soon. The out of place UI is very ugly and seeing it everyday makes one crazy - maybe thats why I went for the beta.
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