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  1. For the past 2-3 days I'm getting the message "web site blocked due to PUP" almost every time I access a new web site. The PUP is almost always "av.searchsecure.co" wihtout the quotes, but on a couple of occasions it's been "auto.searchsecure.co" . Running Malwarebytes and quarantining PUPs doesn't correct the problem. Is this PUP safe to put on the list of "safe" programs or PUPs? If not, what is the process of removing it?
  2. Windows 10 - Realtime web protection is still blocked and I can uninstall current MBAM version or download current version. I notice that many other people are having this problem with a recent upgrade" of MBAM, but I can't implement the recommended solutions. I've clicked to stop MBAM, rebooted computer, tried to use the MBAM support tool, which does not accept my license key. The usual MBAM help sites seem to be blocked. One of them (I've been at this for over an hour, trying many things, so I can't remember which tool is involved) requires a command prompt input of my key code, but it won't accept the key code. Where do I go from here?
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