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  1. I purchased online, I have no idea who my rep is.
  2. @djacobson Are you the sales or support email?
  3. @gonzo I appreciate yours and others efforts to mitigate the problems associated with increasing seats on an existing license. If I am understanding what you and others have said, the bottom line is that local administrators cannot on their own pay a fee and increase the seats on an existing license, only MalwarBytes support can increase the seats via some process whereby the support staff (or sales, I don't wish to split hairs) increases the seats on their (MalWareBytes) system which in turn is downloaded, reflected... whatever... in the Management Console on the clients system. Is that a
  4. I am the OP on this topic. I have been trying to add "seats" to my original license for a month without success. I have emailed customer support several times and no one from support has responded. It is somewhat perplexing to learn that I need to contact sales when I already bought the product. All I want to do is increase the "seats" on the existing license. What is the official MalWareBytes procedure for adding seats to an existing license, and please don't tell me that I need to contact sales. If I am required to go back to step one every time I need to increase the "seats" on my lic
  5. I realize this may be a dumb question but I can't find anyway to "add" more licenses to Endpoint Security through the Management Console. We currently have a 10 seat license that we would like to increase to 20. Why should the procedure be shrouded in mystery? I can see where it says "Get License" in Management Console but that just brings me to a screen that offers two options... "Buy Now" or "Contact Sales". Why is there no third option... "Add Licenses"? Or am I supposed to buy another 10 seat license and then use the "set License" function in the Management Console to add
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