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  1. Malwarebytes add-on/extension seems to be an experimental tool. So, it is expected some kind of errors. Also, it is a free tool, so we can not be extremely exigent or complaining when mistakes happen. And even if it was not experimental and not free, errors are normal, part of life. However, in the case of Malwarebytes add-on version 1.0.13 launched yesterday... NOTHING WORKED in this tool! Zero! This is not just a bug, or just an error, or just a mistake etc. It is obvious that you guys launched a new version without even testing before. This is so negligent! My apologies,
  2. Hi @dcollins Thank you for answer me. I tested the Malwarebytes add-on at Firefox latest "Stable" release, "Beta" release and "Nightly" release. I also tested in different computers. Each Firefox tested was a clean install. My OS is Windows 10, latest version 1709, fully updated. Now, and with regards to my other posts, with all due respects, it is your own subjective interpretation to consider my posts as "spam". And the deletion of my posts under your subjective interpretation, is a prerogative of your authority, but honestly, it seems to be censorship from your side. It
  3. The new Malwarebytes version (1.0.13), is not working for me in Firefox. I tested different computers, and different versions of Firefox. Malwarebytes add-on is doing nothing, zero. No tracking blocker. No counter of blocked trackers. No ads blocked. No phishing websites blocked. No malwares blocked. Zero.
  4. Hi @exile360, Perhaps do you have a kind of detailed tutorial of your Windows tweaks? What components you disabled? What rules you heavily modified in Windows Firewall? Please, can you share your batch (.bat) and registry (.reg) "tweak" tool for Windows installation? Can you share your massive hosts file? Thanks!
  5. Hi @exile360, Considering my exposing to new/old malwares (due to my job), I believe I need Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium + a classical antivirus. I chose Avast Free Antivirus for two reasons: Reasonable reputation and best system performance (less impact). However, I have some questions: a) Do I really need both (Malwarebytes + Avast FA)? b) If I need both, is the combo Malwarebytes + Avast FA + Windows Firewall enough? c) Comparing Malwarebytes vs Avast FA: What similar/different security features they have/haven't? d) Is out there a security feature, not a prod
  6. @exile360 please: 1) What exactly are the similar and different functions/options/features that Avast Free Antivirus VS Malwarebytes Premium have? 2) Is out there any other security/protection function/option/features that both software don't provide? Thanks!
  7. Thanks again Porthos! Please, let me rephrase my questions: 2: Is out there any other security/protection function/option that Avast Free Antivirus & MWB don't provide? Ok to your browser add-on tips (Ublock etc). Anything else? (for example scan ports, anti-worm etc)
  8. Thank you Telos and Porthos. Regarding Windows Firewall, doing some research, I found that Comodo seems to be better, avoiding "phonings home" etc. But honestly, I am not so worry about the firewall. My focus is: 1) What exactly are the similar and different functions/options that Avast Free Antivirus VS Malwarebytes Premium have? 2) Is out there any other software providing a security/protection function that both software don't provide? With which different function/option? Thank you!
  9. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.0.6 and Avast Free Antivirus. I understand that both have some similar functions, however both have different methods. Please: 1) What exactly are these similar and different functions that each software has? 2) Is out there any other software providing a security/protection function that both software don't? 3) Windows firewall is enough? Or a third-party is needed? Thank you!
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