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  1. Hi Aura, No luck with emptying the bin and trying again. No more ads so far, but haven't used it much today.
  2. Noting that when I try to re-download OneLogin with uBlock disabled, I now get a message saying 'Could not move extension directory into profile'.
  3. Yes, they advertise other products in a small box on the final stage of using their app. I've had the app and been using it for close to a year with no issue.
  4. Thanks for re-posting the edit! I've uninstalled and deleted SmartShot from all the Google Profiles. I'll let you know if any ads pop up.
  5. Hi Aura, I don't believe I did. I don't have access to my download logs since the reset of Chrome, but I don't think I downloaded anything out of the norm. No suspicious websites. uBlock is blocking the download of the OneLogin chrome extension, that I use for work and have never had an issue with. Noting this here in case it's useful.
  6. Hi Aura, Here are the latest FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Thanks for checking! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hello, Malwarebyte block alerts are still popping up, though some pages are still getting through. uBlock also seems to be blocking some. My computer is noticeably slower, and I've had this for almost 2 weeks now. I'd really appreciate any help in getting rid of it! Thanks
  8. Hey Aura, Still getting malwarebyte block alerts. Most of them flag back to a ........\chrome.exe.
  9. Thanks, have installed in all of my Chrome windows. I'll let you know - Malwarebytes is still blocking about 50% of the requests. So uBlock Origin would block them from appearing, but it doesn't get rid of the reason why these are happening, correct?
  10. Hi Aura, No luck, the malware is still there. Are the logs I posted above of any use to you?
  11. It happens in every chrome window I have open, regardless of profile. I'm CET so off to bed but I'll follow any instructions you post in the am. Thanks for this!
  12. This only happens in Google Chrome, and so far only when it's up and running - though Chrome is up and running most of the time when my laptop is on, so I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure this is only happening in Chrome, when I'm active in the browser.
  13. Hi Aura, This is great! Thanks for taking my case on. I'll be super responsive since this has been the bane of the past week. I look forward to hearing back from you with potential solutions. I have no pirated software on my computer. I will just note that I use four different profiles within Chrome, but only one of them is related to my email. I understand if a reset of chrome is imperative, but this would also cause me to lose all of my extensions and customisations in each browser, which would be a shame. But if essential, not a problem. I also have teamviewer installed shoul
  14. Hi there, I've been fighting some sort of malware on my computer since yesterday. It randomly opens new tabs, new pages, or replaces existing tabs in Chrome with ads for explicit games, dating sites, or online stores. I have installed and ran malwarebytes multiple times - it's currently the only thing blocking new ads from popping up about 50% of the time as I'm on the premium trial. I've also run adware cleaner, and junkware removal tool. I've ran ccleaner once to get rid of any temp files. Each time, the programs were able to find some things and delete them, but on restart the iss
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