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  1. Hello Kevin, Thanks for your awesome reply and help! attached are the logs you asked for, i didnt find much in the scans so i must have pretty much gotten rid of it, apart from some annoying chrome pop up. i will re install chrome just incase thank you so much once again Scan_170512-211858.txt AdwCleaner[C8].txt malwarebytes.txt Fixlog.txt
  2. Hi There, I have been having a few problems with Adware.Elex recently, but turns out the problem has stemmed from quite a long time ago. I have been trying my best to fight off the terribly annoying adware but every scan and quarantine i do it just keeps coming back stronger and stronger. I think it has something to do with my Internet Explorer, but im on Windows 10 and i think it shouldnt be there in the first place seeing that IE was replaced by Edge. Any help would be so greatly appreciated, im tempted to wipe my whole boot drive clean and start fresh. attached are 2 logs from FRST: if you need anything else please let me know and i will reply asap! Thank you so much, once again Addition.txt FRST.txt
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