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  1. What would you recommend instead of Avast! then. I just need real time protection instead of a whole AV. I pay for the subscription and get extras like a firewall and all that which I don't need. They market it as if I'm going to get hacked, nobody is going to hack a random person they don't know anything about. If i turn off my firewall it's not like my money from my bank account is going to disappear in an instant. I just want some sort of AV that offers real time protection without the heavy load of extra stuff I will never use. Like for example the secure-line VPN, anti-spam, sandbox, home network security. None of this affects me, I'm wasting money on stuff I don't use and it's pissing me off especially when because of it my system runs slower. I'm considering purchasing Malwarebytes Premium for the real-time protection because it has saved me alot in terms of online websites. It's good at blocking random ads that pop up on some websites and files too without a heavy load. Is there any other similar ones? Free ones? Possibly paid? Only real-time protection. No scanners, firewalls, vpns, anti-spams. Just simple real-time protection web and file based.
  2. Someone recently who works in the computer industry as a programmer told me that antiviruses aren't really needed and he thought they were a waste of space for users who know what they're doing. He added that all they do is take processing power and that if a virus is going to infect you it will do so without the AV doing anything. I just want to raise this point because I am considering removing my Avast subscription and if it actually would be ok to do so. Before launching any suspicious files I test them in various online/local sandboxes to ensure they do not infect my system since I bank on it aswell as game. I know what I am doing and have spotted infected files before such as ransomware and RATs which prevented me having an infection, etc. And sure, online sandboxes are not reliable due to detection however this is the same for an antivirus. Realtime protection is meant to prevent the execution of malicious files based on their signature. Now, if a black hat is to write a good trojan, that trojan is 100% to be encrypted meaning it will fly through the detection and launch. It might be scanned by others thus distributed to the companies for signature analysis which would note the signature and add it to the database but that would be after a certain amount of time. For me personally, I never use my AV. I analyse files myself using tools so I know not to launch the file if I find anything malicious. Should I remove Avast! or not? Keep in mind I have like 8 types of protection services such as firewall, web shield, file shield so it takes up ALOT of CPU power which could be used to speed up my system.
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