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  1. After trying to figure out why the only Anti-malware software I could open was Zemana, the winvmx and connected adware made it almost imposible to use my laptop. I tried many times to open the Anti rootkit but it would say the resource is in use. After learning that the adware had moved location and latched onto my local low app data, I could not remove or stop it from running. After researching where it may have come from I found that removing the cause was long, difficult and would be hard since my computer would freeze every few minutes. I decided I would save my personal files to OneDrive and reset my computer. Even as Windows 10 was trying to download the adware was trying to run my computer into the ground. I could not find the root problem since it had detached itself from where ever it came from. Zemana could not tell it was a threat at that point and the other malwares it found, it was unable to remove. I was able to suspend the adware clients while uploading a few personal file and only took what I knew was safe. I have now downloaded Malwarebytes and Zemana and I plan on using them constantly. I wish I could have figured out what was wrong and maybe give some insight for a future update but what ever had caused Malwarebytes was slowly destroying my laptop. I don't know how I got the somehow deadly malware but maybe now that I know it's out there, I can keep it from downloading back onto my computer. I didn't want to reset my computer, this is the third time now, the first two being not long after buying it, but I was concerned the adware was downloading harmful malware and multiplying itself.
  2. I am very sorry to say that after going through the first section of the instructions you sent yesterday, Malwarebytes still won't launch. I am getting a message saying the requested resource is in use. I don't know if its a bad download, or maybe a glitch. I will download the next scanner but I won't start until you have seen this. I do not want to just skip steps unless given the okay to. Under the Certificate Trust list was one unnamed item that was three years old and had no information about it. I hope this isn't a problem since I am unsure why Malwarebytes refuses to open.
  3. I was told to post these scan txts here, hoping this will be an easy fix. My computer is not very old and I hope to keep it for a few more years. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. So I had been using the software from time to time since I haven't used my laptop lately. I recently had found that the svcvmx adware had planted itself back on my computer. When I went to launch Malwarebytes, it said it could not connect to the server. After looking online I decided to uninstall it. When I went to reinstall with the latest version I got a pesky note saying that it could not replace the old driver. Many places I went said to either delete the driver or rename it. Neither worked and the driver wouldn't even let me have access to changing it even though I am set as the administrator. After doing so reading I found that I could use the clean up tool. Once downloaded I went to launch it, it told me the resource is in use. I went to download the Anti-Rootkit which is giving me the same message. I know my way around some parts of a computer but I am now worried that maybe a malware is preventing me from using it all together. I'm a collage freshmen who needs to have a secure computer when I use community school Wi-Fi. I have also had to uninstall chrome because of this adware and it has become very aggressive. I am hoping to get around this hiccup and remove whatever malware is causing this forever.
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