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  1. I did 2 reboots and checks since then and so far nothing reported to spam the task manager in normal mode, looks to me that you fixed my system yet again Kevin, Thank you again for this!
  2. Dunno if this may change things, but after I used your fix list text file via the FRST.exe, it prompted me to restart the PC, so I did restart the PC back into safemode again and that's when I ran the RogueKiller scan.
  3. Hi kevin, You helped fix my PC last time and I really appreciate your assistance. Here are the logs of both the fixlog and the Roguekiller logs (roguekiller)rk_DD08.tmp.txt Fixlog.txt
  4. Thank you. I also recall that I should be attaching the FRST and Additional text files here so here they are: Addition1.txt FRST1.txt
  5. 20 thousand rundll32.exe processes was the latest I've seen in task manager, have no idea what's causing this on my older PC, I suspect some of my family have been installing things without realizing they contain a potential virus etc, or it could be unrelated but would like to rule that out here. My computer is completely unresponsive after ~10-20 seconds from start up in non-safe mode. If I force reboot after a complete lockup, I can get into safe mode with or without networking and use the PC in its limited state just fine, so this is why I suspect it's a virus/hi-jacking software and
  6. My PC seems to be working well now, I'm no longer getting any random redirects or pop up ads or browser hijacks by those russian.ru browsers. Initial page is also no longer inserting itself as a search engine default in chrome. I uninstalled firefox a while ago, didn't see why I need it.. I got adblock back, got malwarebytes installing normally this time. All in all, I believe the machine has had a thorough sweep. This is news to me, because years ago, when I was a PC noob, my steam client got infected with some pretty nasty mal-ware and I had no idea there was a place like this forum... Now I
  7. Here is the log file for the malwarebytes scan. The client reported no threats detected, log file attached. MWB Logfile.txt
  8. I have deleted all certificates that I believe are security program related. Here is the new list. Malwarebytes installation now works normally as intended!
  9. Yes there is, there's two certificates in the directory, but they're not called untrusted in the "friendly name" heading. Picture for reference. I've done all steps as requested.
  10. Okay, your image answered my previous post, here is the permissions for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  11. Oh sorry, the permissions button is actually context sensitive, depending on what is highlighted, what section should I highlight and check for permissions?
  12. \ The Administrator is on full control. Also, the other image is what the admin blocked prompt looks like when I try to run the malwarebytes installer, I used my phone to take a pic because print screen doesn't work when it shows up.
  13. I rebooted back into normal mode via msconfig settings. I then tried installing malwarebytes, but still showed the red "Admin blocked the install 'Not trusted' etc" I then ran Rkill from the desktop and it successfully completed its process from the dos window, logfile is attached in this reply.. I then tried installing malwarebytes again, but it still shows the red "Admin blocked the install 'Not trusted' etc" this is really weird.. I await further commands. Rkill.txt
  14. I downloaded the malwarebytes cleaner which completely removed any malwarebytes program, I then set a clean boot and restarted (which is what the windows instructions told me to do). But now trying to install malwarebytes is blocked by the administrator and is preventing me from using the malwarebytes installer, shall I disable clean boot and then install malwarebytes? then AFTER installation initiate clean boot?
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