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  1. Had the same thing happen last night on about 200 plus workstations. Glad to see it's a false positive.
  2. I just noticed this happening on all of my Endpoints this morning. I just recently moved all of my clients back over to a policy that has web protection enabled and immediately this popped up in the cloud console.
  3. Do you have any of the mbam removal tools? If so on the really bad ones, I ran them while in safe mode. Rebooted when prompted and then finished the uninstall after they rebooted into Windows normally via the deployment tool. Then I restarted and reinstalled. That fixed the issue on the ones that had their resources get eaten up very quickly.
  4. Go into the cloud console, got to the endpoints section. Tick the box to select all of your endpoints. Then click on the actions button to open the drop down menu. Select the last option to Check for Protection Updates. This will force the updates to the clients. Now here is where I ran into similar issues that you had. Some of my older stations got hung up really bad, about 20 out of 400. I had to do a force reboot on them via command prompt and I verified that they restarted. I showed a little patience and waited about 20 minutes and starting remoting into them to check their resources. It appears after letting them sit for a period of time they pulled down the update and that fixed the problem. I highly recommend you bounce your workstations so they can pull down the workstations.
  5. I think it is starting to finally work on workstations that were not hung up. The workstations that are hung up in my environment, i'm having to touch them manually and run one of the mb clean utilities to remove part of the install so I can remove the rest via the deployment tool. Then I can go in and reinstall after a reboot.
  6. Ok this is what I've done: I've moved everyone back to a our default MEP policy with Web Protection Turned OFF I've forced a network wide restart I then forced the update across the board Stations are still moving slow and it appears nothing is applying like it should. Can I get an official case number so I can call into support again and provide them the number? I called earlier and told I was going to be sent an email with case number but I never got that email which is understandable given the circumstances. However I now have my CFO, CEO, and COO breathing down my departments back about this problem. Can I please get a case number so I can call in and get someone on the phone?
  7. Yes web protection is disabled as I have everyone on an IR policy.
  8. I'm restarting clients now and trying to reissue the update commands. I'll update and see if that resolves the issue.
  9. I'm getting back several automated messages from MEP after I tried to run the client updates. I get the error message below. It appears the stations are not taking the update from MEP. Based on your preferences, you are being notified that a new event has occurred on your account: Endpoint Name: clientname.domain Source: managed.machines Severity: warning Type: machine.command.failed Details: command.protection.update.now
  10. KDawg, I'm running the updates now and I will let you know the result.
  11. I've disabled web protection on my clients and that has not changed anything so far. I previously had moved all of my clients to an IR only policy which has web protection disabled and that did not seem to help then.
  12. Having the same problem on the corporate side. I've got about 150 clients all having the same problem. I've got a few more options than the consumer version and I've been unable to get the issue resolved yet.
  13. I've moved my clients all over to an incident response policy but that appears to not be helping. So far it has gotten bad enough on some clients I am being forced to remove MEP from them in order to get them back up and going.
  14. Several of our weekend employees have contacted me this morning about MEP eating up the memory on their stations. The errors they are describing match what is happening in this thread on the consumer forum: I havn't seen it mentioned here yet on the MEP forums so I thought I would start a topic on it. I'm on hold now waiting to get a hold of someone in business support but I've attached the compiled FRST and MB Checks logs below. mb-check-results.zip
  15. No problem. I havn't deployed a new client with the D&D tool in over a month however with the exception of a couple of servers. Those have been unaffected by this issue it appears.
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