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  1. I just got the MBAM Trial, and just noticed my entire kippykip.com domain is "blocked due to trojan". Bit odd considering it's just a forum, unless there was a dodgy attachment uploaded somewhere I don't know of. I'm also not sure how long the block has been in place. Anyhow, if this could be investigated that'll be epic. hxxps://kippykip.com/index.php?threads/jontron-lost-episodes-url-list.338/
  2. Here mah boi, also I just had a theory what it could be. There's an addon for Windows Explorer called "QtTabBar" which adds multiple tabs to Windows Explorer, the way it captures windows themselves though is through some ShellHook etc etc. So maybe when Opera opens the file location, MBAM sees that the window is getting captured by QtTabBar's ShellHooking mechanism or something. Haven't tested this on another machine thus far, but it's a possibility. Also if the logs complain about modified windows files, that's me modding the crap out of them (which is why I try to avoid using fix tools, as it usually reverts things back), so don't worry there. logs.zip
  3. There's been this very annoying bug in a recent update (when I say recent I mean since a few months ago) Where when clicking the "Show in folder" button on the downloads tab/mini menu, malwarebytes will close all instances of Opera running, making you lose everything you were doing which is seriously annoying. I've been turning off real-time protection for this reason but it has this irritating popup upon rebooting the machine reminding me to turn real-time protection back on. I'll post a 2nd picture of what pops up in MBAM after clicking (as I'm currently writing this from opera and don't want to lose all this text)
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