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  1. Status Evolveo Strongphone : Still the same news they are working on it, bus still no new firmware. I think we are screwed, and they cannot provide any new firmware. The only thing that’s rest is buy a new phone. Does anyone know the Chinese factory where these phones are created ? How can we set some pressure to these company’s ? So they don’t sell these phones anymore. ?
  2. Evolveo still have no new firmware. I have the feeling they are doing nothing about this.
  3. The same at evolveo. The support person say's it wil be solved at the next update. But these are rebranded smartphones : Evolveo, MTT, ADAR ,... they are coming form the same Chinese factory. So they have to ask the Chinese friendly : Please send us a new firmware with no malware. If the chineese are willing to do that, then they will remove the triada Malware and put a new one in, that is what I think. Not sure how we can do this but we should try to united us and put some pressure on these rebranded companies. This is a major security issue and they are doing nothing
  4. Bouby, The phone I have is a Evolveo StrongPhone G4 it is rebranded but I don't know what the exact model of phone with the same firmware that should work. I created a ticket at Evolveo and thay say they will provide a new firmware but don't know when. Just great ...
  5. Dear all, Sorry but my French writing is not that great so I reply in English. I did by a Evolveo StrongPhone G4 a while ago and have the same problem. I have Fsecure Safe and this AV does not or did not detect the malware. Setting is Safe he said. Malware byte detect it and ask to remove these file. Once they are reinstalled. I had contact with the support, but for a new firmware I have to send my phone to there support center in the Czech Republic. They say that this was not installed on the firmeware coming out of the factory not sure if this is true … I also cannot find anything to root this device. For now Malwarebytes does the trick but I am not sure if my cell is 100% safe now. Factory reset did not help. If somebody has a def. solution please share. Kind regards, Hans
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