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  1. the malware changed for me now. .jm folder is no longer created and malwarebytes wont find the trojan anymore. ads still pop up. i installed "addon detector", which displays the "settings" app installed as an addon. from there you can uninstall or deactivate it. as it reinstalls, i just stopped the app for now. no more ads for 3 days. no final solution, but at least a temporary one.
  2. i got the v1.0.3_2016_10_21 ... changing it to another Nomu rom would still feel weird., but thanks for the link!
  3. From what i know so far, the malware first creates a folder ".SDAndroid" , Malwarebytes Scanner does not recognize that. In that folder, there seem to be different Spy files, like contacts, facebookstuff etc ... If you delete it, it will come back after ~12 hrs. If you do not delete it. a 2nd folder is created ".jm", once that happened malwarebytes recognizes the trojan as displayed in the initial post. disguised as "Settings" App for me. I hope i can find a Stock Rom for the S20, and then i have to get into flashing my phone. I hope i can get this working, i dont feel like fighting Nomu or the reseller gearbest for a working phone without spy ware.
  4. Salut! Pardon, je juste parle un peu de francais, mais j ai le meme probleme avec mon Nomu S20. Est ce que tu peut etre me dire que je peut faire pour installer un autre OS/ ta solution, en anglais s'il vous plait? (eng: please give me a solution on how you changed your OS / to which OS you changed, i have basic computer skills, but i am not really into the Android / Linux systems) Merci!
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