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  1. None of my computers can update or access the Malwarebytes license server. Are the servers down? Thanks!
  2. Not quite. It is not modifying what Windows Explorer presents but rather it is physically relocating defined storage areas to wherever the user wishes.
  3. I understand ALL of that. Forget Real time protection. I don't want to wait until I try to run something before I find out it is evil. I just want Malwarebytes 3 Threat Scan to actually scan the updated locations. To not do so limits the Threat Scan's effectiveness. It really should not be that hard. I did not know I was going to start a religious war.
  4. I understand it is not just in Windows 10. But it seems a LOT of people do not know how EASY it is to redirect this stuff WITHOUT direct access to the Registry. My issue is that the Malwarebytes 3 software does not look in the registry to see where stuff is going and check those locations.
  5. Hello, Talking with Support yesterday, it was discovered that Malwarebytes does NOT support the Windows 10 redirection of Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Videos or 3D Objects to another partition. For those of us that use a SSD for the OS or routinely perform a fresh install to cleanup and optimize Windows 10 it is a MAJOR advantage to not have EVERYTHING on the same physical drive as the OS. Windows 10 FULLY supports redirection. This is one of several methods to redirecting them: 1. Open File Explorer 2. In the Quick Access area or you can go under This PC if you , right click for example Desktop and choose Properties 3. Choose the Location Tab 4. Enter the new path (complete all the way to the drive letter) 5. Click Apply 6. Choose Yes to Move all items to the new location. Now your SSD drive has much more free space for installed applications etc. Here is the problem: When you download to any of these new locations Malwarebytes 3 does not do any checks AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Threat Scan "Our most comprehensive scan" does not scan these areas. Therefore I say that there is a HOLE in the security. Here's hoping for a quick resolution!
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