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  1. Excellent, a big Malwarebytes fan. Glad it has been resolved, or soon forthcoming. I will probably just uncheck enforcement for MS Office until the next CU release of MB 3.1. Thanks for resolving!
  2. I've completed all instructions, reproduced the issue and attached the requested files. MBAMSERVICE.LOG mbae-default.log
  3. I will do this over the weekend and provide the requested logs. Thanks
  4. Yes, it shows the green exploit blocked notification on both MS Word and MS Excel. I will get you a screen shot of add-ins, but should be whatever might be loaded by Microsoft, since this is a fresh install of MS Office 2016. I'll complete the remainder, as suggested, and provide sometime tonight. Thanks!
  5. I performed the recommended steps you provided above. I get exactly the same results. MB see's MS Word and MS Excel as exploit and blocks them. All logs you requested did not exist on my machine. I am including all that were generated. mb-clean-results.txt changes.txt
  6. Thanks, i will go through the steps above and let you know.
  7. I loaded the beta version using the provided link. I get the same result, except it now shows a popup block for both MS Word and MS Excel (blocks as exploit). I also ran a scan and it logged both apps as exploits in the Reports section. Now with the beta version, it blocks browsers Chrome, Foxfire and IE. Chrome will eventually show up, but will not work. With IE, it just spins a few seconds and never opens. Firefox is blocked as an exploit (popup) and also show up in the reports tab. I can turn off the Exploit option and all apps/browsers work as expected.
  8. Much appreciated, will install the beta suggested.
  9. After loading Malwarebytes Premium (3.0). MS Excel and MS Word will no longer work/start/load. After clicking, it spins for several seconds and nothing, including no error message. This is consistent with MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2016. Uninstalling MB will solve the problem, looking for a permanent solution to continue using MB.
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