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  1. One more bad issue, for this version, all files in the computer are infected and sure can be restored unless you reboot your PC.... BUG... BUG... BUG in this latets version...
  2. Sorry to tell, very bad version, MB people are testing our computers, my opinion is to stop using it until they fix it 100%
  3. Jekko an all malwarebytes staff, to solve all issues, program must be repaired and well done from your end my friend. N.B. I tried several things, also did a format Regards
  4. Yes, same in here, another issue with the new and latest version.
  5. Still the same issue as per attached pictures, will format my laptop and see if it works... hope so...
  6. Hi, following this issue since the beginning, I did exactly what you mentioned above and didn't work...
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