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  1. Ok. Test. The main thing in this case, not speed, and quality.
  2. For a number of planned release of a new version? Before the new year time?
  3. In version iobit 360 1.30 use new database and maybe conflict between mbam and iobit the end.
  4. Conflict between both software. Please help. Improve this in version 1.42
  5. Yes. I made it. I download updates and now really well.
  6. You are somehow able to remove this mistake?
  7. Receive free version. I say that the bases are downloaded, but the release date database does not change. For example, I have a base of 10 September version of 2775. I want to upgrade. Downloading. But the release date as the bases was on Sept. 10 and stayed and stayed version 2775. And the strange message "Database successfully updated from version 2775 to version 2775. It's like something is not logical. If it is updated, it is not on the old. Wash bug in the program. Date must be changed. Server jumps connects normally.
  8. Don't update. Dowload 3 MB update, but by push button "check for update" dowload 3MB and all. I don't undestand. Help me, please?
  9. I would like to buy a product license. Submission forms of payment I am not very suitable. I would like to see payment through Yandex-money, because for me it is the easiest way to pay. поиск
  10. I use the free version of the program. When you click "Check for updates" program is linked to the site and download 3 Mb. In the end, she wrote "Databases have been updated. But the release date database does not change. What's happening? This is a program bug or limitation? поиск
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