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  1. Four days ago I started having trouble with Facebook, lagging, limited access, often unable to log out, ad nauseum. I'm a freelance editor/minutes writer and have very particular computer habits when I'm working ... everything is shut down except for Word (latest version), Express Scribe Transcription software, and Outlook (latest version). I occasionally open Chrome browser to check name spellings in municipalities websites, but seldom keep the browser open. Yesterday I started getting a "Windows - Bad Image" popup (followed by a whole string of numbers, letters, etc.) I googled it, and see I may have malware/virus. I just noticed that since I could finally close Facebook, the popups stopped. But this scares me. I'm an older person who supplements my Social Security by freelancing. I'm not as sharp as I used to be with latest technology (even though I was a keypunch operator and word processor before there were desktops). And my tech guru died suddenly last month. Aarrgghh! Can a kindly soul help me through this? Been a Malwarebytes member for several years, never needed help before.
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